What is Gingivitis

Gingivitis popularly called Gingiva is a type of periodontal disease; it commonly occurs because bacterias or a film of plague attacks the teeth or accumulate in the upper part of the teeth close to the gum. Gingivitis is not destructive, but when it accumulates without medical attention it can cause a serious health problem such as periodontitis, and may lead to loss of tooth.

Bad breath and Gingivitis

Gingivitis is a nondestructive disease; it is not the problem when it comes to bad breath. What leads to bad breath is periodontitis which is the result of Gingivitis. When an individual develops gingivitis and does not seek appropriate dental solutions, the disease graduates to a whole new level which is eriodontitis. Periodontitis also known as periodontal diseases is a disease that affects the gum. It is mostly called gum disease; it results from tooth decay. Tooth decay results from the decay of food particles in the teeth causing pains and hole in the teeth. Tooth decay is also caused by worms which have infested the teeth and boring a large hole on the teeth. This excruciating pains in individuals.

When the teeth is decayed, or the gum is decayed it leads to bad breath. This may even lead to halitosis, which is very difficult to cure or treat. When this happens, communication with friends and loved ones becomes difficult. The individual with bad breath finds it difficult to interact comfortably with others. This however results in isolation.

Causes of Gingivitis

  • Irregular brushing of teeth.

When an individual gives less attention to his teeth, this can lead to the development of gingivitis in the teeth.

  • Over consumption of candy.

Individuals who consume candies a lot, may experience Gingivitis. The teeth are unable to withstand excess sugary foods, most when particles are left hanging on the teeth. Over time those particles decay and leads to gingivitis.

  • Alcoholism

Alcoholism is another reason why most individuals develop gingivitis. Too much intake of alcohol affects the teeth; it gives the teeth a different color apart from white. Studies have shown that alcoholics usually have a gingivitis due to the nature of the contents found in alcohol.

  • Smoking

Smoking is bad for the health, apart from damaging the lungs, it also affects the teeth. Cigarette contains nicotine which is bad for the teeth. The smoke which smokers in hail inadvertently affects the teeth, unbeknownst to them. Also marijuana is also another cause of gingivitis; in fact, excess intake of marijuana causes the teeth to break, changes its color also.

  • Tobacco

Tobacco is better off inhaled than leek; tobacco contains a high amount of nicotine which is bad for the teeth. Studies have shown that tobacco consumers usually have brownish colors allover their teeth, it sometimes leads to gingivitis to also periodontitis.

  • Coffee

       Also coffee is another reason why some individuals develop gingivitis; due to its content (nicotine) which is bad for the teeth and also the gum

Solutions to Gingivitis


See the dentist is a good solution to Gingivitis, the dentist specializes on the teeth. The dentist is in a good position to procure any sort of treatment when it comes to problems affecting your teeth. There are drugs which the dentist can prescribe, the drugs may be a bit expensive but in the interest of the patient. The dentist may prescribe a dental operation to remove a rotten tooth which pose a threat to the health of the body. This may lead to gum disease and it destabilizes the individual, causing severe pains and unrest. Gum disease leads to sleepless nights. So when noticing Gingivitis, it is important to seek medical attention.


Using prescribed toothpaste for the teeth is very important. Tooth pastes such as Colgate, Oral B, Closeup etc. helps keep the teeth white, it also helps whiten the teeth when the color is changing. The normal color for the teeth is white, maintaining white teeth is very important for every person.


Mouth wash is also a solution to Gingivitis. Some mouth wash functions like tooth paste. When you apply the mouth wash, leave it in your mouth for a period of one minute, moving the liquid in various parts of the mouth. This helps wash away decayed components in the mouth.


Flossing is also another solution to the disease. Using the floss, one can get rid of those decays in the middle of the gum. Those decays are what causes Gingivitis.


When brushing one must consider the parts of the teeth. Brushing must not be one-sided, it must include every corner of the teeth, including the inner parts. Inability for some individuals to brush appropriately leads to the disease. Also not brushing regularly may lead to the disease; this is because, the food particles may reside in the corners of the teeth, when decayed, they lead to gingivitis which in turn leads to periodontitis. Brushing at least twice a day is however important for every individual.


Not sharing tooth brush, helps keep your teeth from decays. Tooth decay is caused by germs and bacterias which attack the teeth; those germs are contagious and transferable from one individual to another. The persons tooth brush whom you are using may have gingivitis, using it, you automatically contact it.

NOTE: When experiencing such a disease it is proper and sensible to seek for medical attention. Most people are shy and ashamed to share their problems with a doctor. The doctor is bound by law to keep anything shared with him a secret, he/ she is not allowed to disclose your issues to anyone, if not his/her license will be ceased.

Problems shared is half solved. Most individuals after visiting the dentist may tend to commonize treatment procedures, when drugs are given to them, they take it lithely thereby causing half treatment leading to the return of the disease. So when the dentist prescribes treatment, it is important to follow it to the later.


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