Why does my breath smell so bad even after brushing?


You probably have been brushing and the bad breath still persists and this has become a concern to you. Bad breath affects people and is not gender-specific neither is it age-specific.

It affects 1 out of every 4 persons in the world population. So it is not new. But there is a way you can tackle it. There are ways you can cure it so you won’t have to ask questions like “Why does my breath smell so bad even after brushing?”

The reason your breath smell so bad even after brushing is due to some things I will outline to you. There are some actions and inactions you apply or fail to apply that accounts for why your breath smells so bad even after brushing your teeth. They are;

  1. You probably Brush Ones a Day


Why does my breath smell so bad even after brushing?

The reason for “Why does my breath smell so bad even after brushing?” is probably due to the fact that you brush just ones a day which is grossly inappropriate. Brushing ones a day won’t get the job done.

It’s like closing a door and opening it at another end. When you brush in the morning, you repel the acids deposited oral bacteria that caused halitosis and oral health problems.

Sadly, a lot of persons think that brushing in the morning is all you need to get rid of bad breath. Remember that after brushing in the morning, you eat foods and those food has particles that water may not entirely remove.

After eating some remain there and overnight, they become sour and this is what results to bad breath. To avoid this, you must brush at night before going to bed.

  1. You Don’t Brush Long Enough

Why does my breath smell so bad even after brushing

There is a specific time you have to brush your teeth. The duration does not matter whether or not you are in a haste. Some persons tend to ask if the duration for brushing your teeth matters.

Yes, the duration is important to achieve fresh breath. The duration is between 2 to 3 minutes. While brushing, it’s not about rubbing the toothbrush on your teeth then you can say brushing is done.

The time duration helps you to extensively discard the acids deposited by oral bacteria that cause bad breath. If the acids are not properly removed, it will affect both the teeth, gum and tongue.

Brushing for at least 2 minutes can guarantee you a fresh breath. If you have bad breath and you imbibe this attitude of brushing for as long as 2 minutes twice daily, in the few weeks for smelly breath will be a thing of the past.

3. You Don’t Brush Properly


Why does my breath smell so bad even after brushingThe cause of poor oral health is majorly due to the inability not just to brush but to brush properly. Using the toothbrush just to rub the teeth is not the proper way to brush. There is a specific style or mode involved in brushing

Brushing is an act that must be done properly. The proper method of brushing your teeth is an up and down style. This involves joining the up and down sets of teeth and brushing them in an up and down style, till you reach inside the teeth areas and also behind the teeth.

Doing this perfectly, for a long time, let’s say 2 to 3 weeks both morning g and in the evening will help you get rid of that bad breath you are experiencing even after brushing. There are other reasons for “Why does my breath smell so bad even after brushing?” read further I will expose them to you.

It is good for you to get an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter so you can be entirely free from bad breath when you put the key points to work. Apart from getting rid of bad breath you can still teach and enlighten others.

  1. You Don’t Brush Your Tongue

Why does my breath smell so bad even after brushingAnother mistake folk make is not to brush their tongue when brushing their teeth. Your tongue is as important as your teeth. Your teeth are the first thing you see or encounter in your mouth when brushing. But sadly, some people fail to realize that the tongue is also important when brushing,

Failure to brush the tongue properly is what results to bad breath after brushing. When brushing, you ought to brush the tongue very well. The tongue harbours several oral bacteria. Remember that the tongue is used for swallowing. Failure to brush it is what causes bad breath even after brushing.

Also, the inability to brush your tongue in the evening before bedtime will cause bad breath. You ought to balance booth brushing in the evening and that of the morning.

The tongue coating is an oral infection that may result from not brushing your tongue and not brushing it properly. Use your toothbrush to reach inside the tongue and brush out specks of dirt that are resident there.

When brushing the tongue, no need to fear, it will not kill you. But you must be careful not to cause an injury which can be discomforting.

  1. You Probably Use An Alcohol-based Mouthwash

Why does my breath smell so bad even after brushingMajority of the mouthwashes in grocery stores contains alcohol- ethanol- specifically, which is sometimes unsuitable for the mouth. it causes burning sensations, oral irritations and oral dryness. If you suffer from the above you should try alcohol-free mouthwash which can prevent the aggravation of bad breath.

Alcohol-based mouthwashes contain ethanol. It is used sometimes as a preservative for the product. Though alcohol-based oral rinses are not entirely bad, as they have their benefits such as soothing oral sores and other oral infections. But they affect the oral tissues which seem paramount than to their oral benefits.

The consistent use of it results in xerostomia. Xerostomia is also known as dry mouth. it is a situation that is characterized by loos of oral fluids which is the saliva. In this situation, the saliva in the mouth of an individual dries up, probably, not entirely but the quantity becomes very low.

Very low to the extent that it is unable to perform its duty of keeping the mouth moist and lubricated. When the mouth is not lubricated consistently, the acids released by oral bacteria thrive and this leads to bad breath and other oral health problems.

Individuals experiencing dry mouth due to medical conditions, radiation therapies and other systematic diseases can benefit from the use of alcohol-free oral rinse. Particularly, it is more beneficial to those with a history of alcohol abuse.

There are various kinds of mouthwash in the stores which contain ingredients that can help prevent tooth decay, gingivitis, dry mouth, plaques and tartar formation and periodontal disease. They include organic and herbal products that contain aloe Vera.

  1. Your Toothpaste May Not Be Prescribed

Why does my breath smell so bad even after brushing

Using a toothpaste that is not prescribed by the dental association of your country is risky. There are lots of toothpaste in the market that are not prescribed. Toothpaste that is not prescribed affects your mouth that you may not be aware of.

There is a reason or reasons why the toothpaste is not prescribed. The major reason for not prescribing a toothpaste is its lack of essential ingredients. An ingredient such as fluoride has a vital role in your dental buildup.

Scientific studies have proven that this ingredient remineralizes the enamel and fixes lesions better than others. the following are the benefits of fluoride in toothpaste and mouth rinses.

Benefits Of Fluoride In Toothpaste

  1. Fluoride helps to prevent tooth decay by slowing the breakdown of enamel.
  2. It helps to increase the remineralization process.
  3. Also, it helps prevent cavities for both children and adults
  4. It also helps to strengthen weak spots and exposed roots.

Using toothpaste or mouthwashes that do not contain fluoride can cause demineralization which is a situation where plaques on the surface of your teeth produce acids that seeps into the pores of the enamel and break down its internal structure.

  1. After Brushing, You Probably Close Your Mouth For Too Long

Why does my breath smell so bad even after brushing

This another major reason for “Why does my breath smell so bad even after brushing?”  closing your mouth for too long after brushing is one of the reasons why some persons still get bad breath even after brushing.

The mouth is designed to allow ventilation. Closing it for too long can cause bad breath.

Does Closing Your Mouth Cause Bad Breath?

Yes, closing prolonged closing of your mouth can lead to bad breath. If you have noticed, anytime you use something to shut your mouth after some while, the smell of your breath changes.

This is because the mouth was designed to allow air to penetrate it. Releasing the ones inside and taking in a little can help the breath stay clean.

This is why it is good to talk about. When you don’t, your breath is bound to stink. Breathing with your mouth is out of it. Cos when you do, you dry the saliva and cause mouth odour.

  1. You Eat Acidic Foods

Why does my breath smell so bad even after brushing

Lots of food we eat are acidic. Unknowing to us, we consume as long as they satisfy our crave, not considering if there are side effects. There are side effects of the foods we eat.

The acidic foods are not good for your oral PH. It alters the oral ph and this can cause bad breath. This is the reason why your mouth sours after brushing. Some people no matter the amount of brushing they have done; bad breath still lingers.

It is caused by the high intake of acidic food. Apart from foods, drinks too can be acidic. High consumption of sodas can cause oral acidity. Sometimes, you feel when you drink a chilled soft drink, it soothes your mouth, but it affects your mouth.

So when your mouth is acidic due to the consistent intake of acidic foods, no matter how much you brush you may still get bad breath.

  1. Your Health Issue

Why does my breath smell so bad even after brushing

If you are having any health issue, then it is probably the reason for your bad breath even after brushing. Ailments like diabetes can cause bad breath. This case is called diabetes ketoacidosis; it is a situation where the body produces a high level of blood acids called ketones.

It is a serious medical complication that occurs when the body is incapable of producing enough insulin. People with such medical complication usually have bad breath.

Also, cancer can cause bad breath. Cancer of the lungs and liver can result in bad breath. The reason why even after brushing you still have bad breath is may be due to your medical ailment.

Also if you are on medications then the tendency of getting bad breath even after brushing is still high. Drug medications cause xerostomia which is dry mouth and we know that dry mouth leads to bad breath.

If you are diabetic or a cancer patient and you are on a heavy drug medication which you take daily, then you need to improve your oral hygiene by brushing twice a day and drinking lots of water to stay hydrated.

  1. Tonsil Stones

Why does my breath smell so bad even after brushing

Tonsil stones are one of the reasons people have bad breath unknowingly. This has resulted in the malodorous breath some people experience over time.

Does Everyone Get Tonsil Stones?

Tonsils are found in the mouth of every human. But not everyone has tonsil stone. It is most rampant in teenagers, those with large tonsils. It can also affect adults, those with poor oral hygiene. When you fail to take good care of your mouth daily, you are likely to develop tonsil stones

Tonsil stones can be removed by gargling a solution of salt and water. It can also be removed by using your fingers to bring them out.

Take home

Why does my breath smell so bad even after brushing? The above reasons are the cause of your bad breath after brushing. Take them into cognizance and find ways to limit certain actions that may cause it. For example, if you have not been taking your oral hygiene seriously, you can modify it now to put a stop to smelly breath after brushing.


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