Why Bad Breath When Dieting?

Often times individuals experience mouth odor or halitosis during dieting. This to them has become a pressing issue, acutely disturbing and as such seeking for valid solutions here and there. If you experience mouth odor or bad breath (halitosis) during dieting, it is not an indication that something terrible is wrong with your body system. As a, matter of fact, it is supposed to give you no cause for alarm.

So Why Bad Breath When Dieting? The truth is that, during dieting, ketones(chemicals your liver makes) are excreted through your breath which can cause an awful odor oozing from your mouth. That is, the fat which is burned down in the body is what actually causes bad breath.

So when dieting the body loses calories (units of energy) than it is expected. For the body system to function effectively, it needs calories, the body then turns to burning fats for energy.

 But if you are uncomfortable with the unpleasant smell from your mouth, there are ways to actually minimize the smell. One of such way is the use of low sugar mint gum. Chewing mint gum helps freshen the breath and gives it a pleasant scent. Also using of mouth spray will also help freshen the breath as well. 


Now that you have learnt why you have bad breath during dieting, lets now see what dieting is.

What Is Dieting?


Dieting refers to eating foods in a disciplined manner in order to increase, decrease or maintain the body weight. Most individuals diet to improve their health conditions; individuals with diabetes and obesity are often advised to diet in order to lose weight invariably extending their life span.

Apart from improving health, dieting over the years have been known to be embarked on by most women seeking to lose weight or maintain their body shape. Losing weight for them helps keep their spouse within their grasp. Other ladies mostly the single ones embark on dieting to look more attractive and presentable to the opposite sex.

Men also embark on dieting. They do this to mostly keep fit. The ones training abs usually diet to avoid over weight and fats.

In simple sentence, dieting refers to when an individual disciplines himself/herself to consume certain foods and also avoid the consumption of certain food they feel may be detrimental to their health or may add more to their weight than what they need.

What Is The Purpose Of Dieting?

There are multitudes of reasons why individuals embark on dieting. But the basic reasons are;

1. For Health


Generally, dieting is to maintain a solid health. Individuals who are diabetic and obese are often advised to control their intake of food in order to lose weight. Over consumption of food for the obese is highly unlikely, this could cause more harm than good to their health.


Individuals who are diabetic are advised to stay away from sugary foods and food with high carbohydrate. Dieting helps you maintain a good health. The reason some aged people suffer from certain ailments is due to the fact that they were unable to control their intake of certain foods. These foods later become the reason for certain ailments they now face at old age.


This is why medical practitioners’ advice people to watch what they eat. Oily foods, high-carb foods, fries, sugary drinks etc. are not good for the health. You reduce your intake of such foods or better still abstain totally from them.


2. To Increase Body Weight


Women are a good example of this. Not just women some guys also embark on such diet. For ladies, they do dieting to increase the body weight. Often, skinny ladies who feel their body shape is unattractive to the opposite sex consume certain foods that maybe fatty to add some flesh to their skin.

Guys also who feel their body size is too skinny often consume certain food that will help boost their body weight. Those that are into body workout often consume certain foods which are weighty to help boost body size.


3. To Reduce Body Weight


This is one of the major reasons why individuals embark on dieting. Obesity is a good example of this. The reason for obese individuals embarking on this is to halt the increase in weight and size. Also diabetic patients also embark on dieting to reduce the intake of high-carb foods.


Reducing body weight is essential to individuals who feel they are over weighty. It is important to go for regular weight check up in order to help one control the amount of food and also the type of food.


Is Dieting A Good Way To Lose Weight?


Yes, dieting apart from regular exercise is a good way of loosing weight. Even if one embarks on exercise, and does not diet, the exercise will be futile in the long run. This is because, irrespective of the amount of exercise one embarks on, if you do not control the food you consume, you will go right back to square one.


The foods we eat matters a lot, they either make us or break us. The food we consume is what adds to our body weight,, so if you want to loose weight, it is wise to control the quality and quantity of food you take.


By quality, I mean the type of food; it maybe proteinous or carbohydrate foods. Generally too much consumption of high-carb food is detrimental to your health. So one must control the food in which you consume to be able to lose weight perfectly.


In quantity, I mean the size of food you consume. When trying to loose weight, the size of food you take matters a lot. If it was a plate of food, when dieting to lose weight, you will have to decrease it to half a plate. This makes dieting more effective.

What Are The Foods For Weight Loss?


Foods for weight loss are foods or fruits that help stimulate weight loss in people. The following are list of foods that help stimulate weight loss in individuals.


1. Fruits


Some fruits have been known to have properties for weight loss. Individuals who consume fruits have been known to live long than those who doesn’t. Though most fruits contain natural sugar, yet they have low energy. The fiber contents within them makes it possible to prevent sugar from being released quickly into the blood stream.


People who may want to abstain from fruits are those that are allergic to them or on low-carb diet. Most people are allergic to various fruits such as pineapple, pawpaw, star apple, berries, coconut, tigernut etc


2. Yogurt


Yogurts are excellent foods that are good for the guts. They have been found to contain probiotic bacteria that helps the functioning of your guts. When consuming yogurt, be sure to take the full-fat yogurt.


Scared? Don’t be, the full-fat yogurt contains very low sugar content unlike the low-fat yogurt that contains lots of sugar. The full-fat yogurt reduces the risk of obesity.


3. Boiled Potatoes


The properties contained in potatoes make them perfect for weight loss. They contain virtually all the nutrients you require to stay healthy. There are those who have been eating them for long and there have been no complications medically.


They contain potassium, a nutrient that is rarely found in other foods. After boiling the potatoe, when allowed to cool off for a while, it forms a resistant to starch when eaten. Eating the boiled potatoe full makes you even lighter than you may imagine.


4. Beef And Chicken


A large number of individuals have blamed chicken and beef consumption for several health problems around the world. According to studies, unprocessed red meat do not raise the risk of one having diabetes or heart diseases but processed meat does.


Protein consumption is by far the easiest way to burn down calories when dieting, meat however contains protein and it is a weight loss friendly food.


5. Legumes And Beans


Beans such as black beans, kidney beans etc are high in protein and fibers; both nutrients helps the body in many way. Consuming beans is a good way of reducing weight.


6. Avocados


Avocados contains lots of water and fiber making them suitable for weight loss. The beautiful thing about them is that they can be used in conjunction with almost every meal, and still taste good.


7. Apple Cider Vinegar


The apple cider vinegar is a good property for weight loss. It reduces blood sugar after meals. there are several benefits of it in the human body, they include weight loss, reduced cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels and improved diabetic symptoms.


Other foods that help stimulate weight loss includes

  • Nuts
  • Grains
  • Grape fruits
  • Chili pepper


How Do You Prevent Bad Breath When Dieting?


Preventing bad breath when dieting is a very difficult task. Bad breath during dieting cannot be prevented, as earlier said, bad breath is a sign of that the dieting is working. However, if you are having bad breath while dieting you can control it or suppress it.

This is because all the brushing, gargling and flossing may not help you get rid of bad breath when dieting. The best way to suppress bad breath during dieting is to chew low sugar mints.

Low sugar mints contain menthol which helps give the mouth a cool and nice scent when chewed. This is why it is used in producing chewing gums. It is impossible to perceive a nasty odor from the mouth of a person chewing mints.

Also another way to suppress bad breath during dieting is the use of Mouth Sprays. Mouth sprays works like the mint. That said, lets quickly look at what actually happens when the body looses pounds.

What Happens When This Body Looses Pounds?

When your body begins to loose pounds or weight, there are ways in which the lost pounds leaves the body. Below are the various ways your body loses pounds.


1. Through Sweat


This activity takes place under the arm, the palm, the feet and virtually all parts of the body are vulnerable to perspiration (sweat). Sweat is the release of liquid fluid from the skin. The liquid fluid usually contains salt. The skin contains tiny pores which cannot be seen with the optical eyes except with a magnifying lens, these holes excrete liquids which are salty in taste each time the body is under pressure to make the body feel at ease.

When dieting, the lost pounds often comes out as sweat, which is a waste product. Because the body has now turned to fat reserves for energy.

What Does It Mean When You Sweat?


When one is sweating, it is a sign that the body is burning the excess fat stored. It could also mean that the body may be under pressure. Also when an individual is in a hot environment, the probability of sweating may be very high.


Is It Healthy To Sweat?


Sweating or perspiration is a healthy activity. The process has to do with the removal of waste product from the body. It can also be a proof that the body system is functioning right. But in some cases when you sweat profusely, it can also be an indication that something is wrong in the body, this is where a medical checkup comes to play. When an individual is in a hot environment or in summer time where the sun is at its peak, you are likely to sweat profusely.


2. Through Urine


During dieting, another way the body excretes lost pounds is through the urine. You notice that you visit the rest room more often than you use to; this is no cause for alarm when you are dieting.

Passing out urine is absolutely normal, except you are having a medical condition that prompts you to urinate beyond the normal proportion of 1-2 liters per day. Except that, urinating often during dieting is normal and necessary.


3. Through Breath


When you are dieting, another way the lost pounds’ exhale the body is through the breath. This is why you notice a strange smell oozing from your breath each time you open your mouth.


When you notice this there’s no need to rush to the dentist. You have to realize that it is an effect of the dieting. The bad breath maybe due to your irregular intake of food or the choice of food consumed. Mostly low-carb diets cause bad breath, this is due to the type of chemical the body releases in the breath during dieting which is called ketones, these ketones burn fat.


So when carbohydrates aren’t available the body switches to fats and other proteins as source of energy, this is why most individuals suffer from bad breath during dieting.


Conclusion On Why Bad Breath During Dieting


Bad breath while dieting is inevitable. It cannot be avoided; it is the proof you need that the dieting is working. It cannot be stopped, but it can be suppressed. One easiest way to suppress this is by chewing low sugar mint or by using mouth spray.

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