Almost every person experience this when they wake up in the morning. Every wondered why such occurrence? Waking up to communicate with your partner or loved ones only to perceive a lovely bad odor oozing from your breath, and you tend to use your hand to cover your mouth just to have your partner or loved one not perceive the smell. Finding it difficult to be romantic with your partner because he/she may get irritated by the odor from your mouth.

Almost everyone has had or still has this experience. Bad breath in the morning is normal. There are several reasons for experiencing this; they are.


When we sleep at night, the mouth releases some bacteria that aid in the breaking down of food particles. These food particles stay in the mouth and grow stale and sour, the sour odor is what we perceive whenever we wake up in the morning. This is why it is advisable to brush before going to bed at night, mostly after eating certain spicy foods. Brushing before bed helps keep the mouth clean, even when you wake up the morning the odor one will experience after brushing at night, is not the same compared to when you did not brush at night.


Another reason why individuals experience this is that, when we sleep at night the saliva in the mouth dry off. Dried mouth is one of the major reasons for bad breath, people who have dried mouth usually experience mouth odor. This is due to the fact that the saliva helps in rinsing the mouth, keeping the fresh. This why an individual who talks for a long time often experiences dry mouth and mouth odor. So it is advisable to keep a bottle of water close by when engaging in a long conversation either with friends or in a seminar.

People usually experience bad breath in the morning due to the fact that while sleeping the mouth is closed. A closed mouth when open usually releases some odor. The mouth is not meant to be closed for long, doing this often bring about bad breath. Individuals who close their mouth for long often have bad breath. So when you wake up in the morning and perceives such an odor, know that it is due to the fact that you have shut your mouth for a while.

The basic solutions for this are.


Brushing your teeth before bed time helps stop those odorous breaths when you wake in the morning. Keeping your breath neat is your pride. Trust me it’s an investment in your personality.


Keeping up with this act may seem frustrating at first cos when you wake up you may find your mouth closed. It is a conscious act. Consistency in this leads to perfection.

 [3] when you brush your teeth before bedtime don’t forget the tongue. The tongue holds some food particles even after swallowing and rinsing the mouth with water. It is appropriate to brush the tongue very well to expel those particles.


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