Why Bad Breath During Ketosis?


What is ketosis?

Ketosis can be referred to as a metabolic process by which the body begins to burn fat for the use energy because it lacks enough carbohydrate to burn. In this process the liver produces some chemicals called KETONES. The reason for ketosis is to induce the body into burning excess fat in the body. Ketosis is also a state characterized by increased level of ketone bodies in the blood. These ketone bodies can function as an energy source as well as signaling molecules. Basically speaking, ketosis involves the body burning stored fat instead of glucose. This condition occurs during times of fasting, starvation, or while on a ketogenic weight loss diet.



Most individuals may experience bad breath during ketosis, this is due to dieting. Dieting is a controlled regimen of food and drinks, as to gain or lose weight or otherwise influence health. It is also modifying ones’ intake of food, drinks and beverages so as to decrease in body weight or influence health.



During ketosis, the excess fats are expelled from the body in form of urine, sweat and air. The air refers to the breath. Experiencing bad breath during ketosis is purely normal as it affects almost 70 percent of humans. The breath released from the mouth is good sign that ketosis is working.



Bad breath is often a sign, its signifies that something is either wrong with a part of the body or something is being fixed somewhere in the body. For example, individuals who have diabetes or some types of cancer often experience bad breath. The bad breath signifies, that something is wrong with a particular part of the body. Same goes for cancer; individuals who experience cancer of the lungs usually experience bad breath.



Also individuals who are on certain medications, are liable to experience bad breath. Certain drugs are liable to induce bad breath in humans, due to the illness a person faces. Illness such as malaria and typhoid, when undergoing treatment may induce bad breath due to the nature of drugs one takes. Drugs for such treatment usually causes dry and bitter mouth. This dry mouth causes bad breath, in that there is not enough saliva to rinse the mouth and keep it fresh.



Ketogenic dieting requires a lot of patience and persistence. Most individuals engage in it for a long time without seeing any tangible results. In ketogenic dieting, what usually brings about the bad breath is the avoidance of food when necessary; for example, not eating early after brushing the teeth is a reason for bad breath during ketosis. After brushing in the more it is expedient that you take in food to keep the mouth warm and normal, but the inability to do such, usually leads to people experiencing bad breath during ketosis. Therefore, it is advisable, to have breakfast in the morning maybe something light like a cup of tea to keep the mouth temperature normal and free from the taste of toothpaste.

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