Why Bad Breath After Sex?

Experiencing bad breath after sex is normal for some people. But others feel it’s an anomaly and want to find out how best they can stop it and what causes it.

Bad breath after sex is possible. There are several reasons for “why bad breath after sex”. The following are reasons behind bad breath after sex.

1. Exhaling

why bad breath after sex

This is one of the reasons “why bad breath after sex”. Exhaling through the mouth is improper. The mouth is not meant for breathing, the nose is. The primary use of the mouth is for eating and talking.

Any other actions done with it is man-made; to improvise. The mouth is the entrance to the body, therefore, breathing with it is highly unlikely.

When you do, the air you breathe in drys the saliva in your tongue and mouth; this is what leads to bad breath after sex.

Dry mouth simply means the loss of saliva in the mouth. In the absence of saliva, the mouth emits an offensive odour.

The saliva is there to clean and wash the mouth. That is why when you feel your mouth is dry, you swallow some saliva.

The saliva is a slightly alkaline liquid secreted into the mouth by the salivary glands and mucous gland, consisting of mucin, protein and enzymes.

It moistens the mouth, lubricates ingested food and begins the breakdown of starches. The saliva breaks down food substance easily.

Strong foods when chewed mixes with saliva and it is easily broken down and swallowed in the mouth.

The following are functions of saliva;

  1.  Saliva helps in maintaining the mouth’s ph. Saliva is filled with various ions, some are salivary proteins which prevents precipitation, and would form a salt. The ions help in keeping the acidity of the mouth in a certain range.
  2. Saliva Contains EGF. It results in cellular proliferation and survival. EGF salivary is also regulated by dietary inorganic iodine, also plays an important role in maintaining gastric tissue integrity.
  3. Digestion: The function of saliva includes moistening food and helping to create food bolus. The saliva contains the enzyme called ptyalin which is capable of breaking down starch into simple sugar such as dextrin and maltose that can be further broken down in the small intestine.
  4. Role in Taste: Your saliva is very important in the sense of taste. It is the liquid medium in which chemicals are carried to taste receptor cells. People with a shortage of saliva often complain of dysgeusia which is reduced ability to taste, or having bad breath taste, metallic taste all the time. A very rare condition that affects the taste is ‘Saliva Hypernatrium‘ which is an excessive amount of sodium found in the saliva which is not caused by another condition like ‘Sjogren Syndrome’ that causes everything to taste salty.
  5. Lubricant: Mouth sores are very common with people with reduced saliva and food (mostly dry foods) sticks to inside the mouth. Saliva coats the oral mucosa by protecting it from trauma when swallowing, speaking and eating. In a nutshell, the saliva contributes immensely to oral hygiene maintenance. Without it, the amount of dental caries, periodontal diseases, cavities and other oral problems increases significantly.

Solution: When having sex with your partner, ensure you do not breath through your mouth, this can dry your saliva and cause bad breath.


2. Dehydration

why bad breath after sex

Another cause or reason for ‘why bad breath after sex’ is dehydration. It is the condition in which water in the body drops below the normal level. It causes illness and sweating.

Dehydration is also a significant loss of body fluids that impairs normal body functions. Dehydration makes your mouth dry. it reduces the salivary content in the mouth while having sex.

You may have observed that after sex you sweat a lot, mostly when the place is not properly ventilated or in summer periods. The loss of body fluids through sweating, however, leads to dry mouth then bad breath after sex.

What Are The Causes Of Dehydration When Having Sex?

  • Rapid Heartbeat

When having sex, you may sometimes notice your heart racing due to anxiety or nervousness.

  •  Rapid Breathing

Also, rapid breathing when having sex is another cause of dehydration. The faster your breath the faster the heartbeat causing you to sweat profusely.

  • Lack Of Energy

The lack of energy after sex also causes dehydration. Sex is tiresome due to the amount of energy used.

Effects Of Dehydration

  •  Fatigue

After much sweating during the day, later on, you may feel tired and fatigued. This may be due to the loss of excess water from your body.

Water is life, consuming water helps in various ways you cannot explain. Water is the fuel that powers the body.

  • Sickness

Dehydration causes some sickness in your body. Sicknesses such as diarrhoea and typhoid are an effect of dehydration when the body loses fluids, it may lead to illness.

  •  Bad Breath

Bad breath is another effect of dehydration, losing body fluids causes the saliva to be reduced eventually leading to bad breath.

Solutions Of Dehydration

Dehydration can be treated by replenishing body fluids. By consuming lots of water you can dehydration and rehydrate yourself. Clear broths, frozen, water and ice pops can also work for dehydration.

Apart from drinking water, intravenous fluids can also help rehydrate a person. Intravenous fluids are a dose of medicines administered from a drip, down through a hollow needle inserted in a patient’s veins.


3.  Prolonged Shutting of the mouth During Sex

why bad breath after sex

Another reason for bad breath after sex is closing your mouth during sex. When your mouth is shut for a long time, it starts to emit an unpleasant odour. Shutting your mouth for a while is improper. 

The mouth needs some air to penetrate it. The air that penetrates it helps in removing the offensive odour. 

This is why when you shut your mouth for a while when you open it, you perceive a malodor.

Allowing air to penetrate it does not mean you should breathe with your mouth. There are various reasons why people shut their mouth during sex. They are;

  1. Due to Bad breath
  2. Due to Too much noise
  3. Probably your partner does not like the sound of your breath pattern
  4. Partner may be afraid to catch the flu from you
  5. You may be spitting on your partner
  6. It may seem erotic

Let’s break this down.

  1.  Bad breath; Some persons cover their mouth due to bad breath. Your partner may choose to cover your mouth during sex to stop you from polluting the air with oral malodor.
  2.  Your partner may also dislike the sound of your breathing pattern. If it sounds annoyingly irritating, covering your mouth may just be the best solution.
  3. Too much noise may be another reason for covering your mouth during sex. Those who are having sex in a crowdy place or exposed place may decide to cover their mouth so they can be unnoticed.
  4.  Another reason why your partner may cover your mouth is to avoid catching flu.
  5.  Spitting on your partner is another reason why you may decide to shut your mouth during sex. Spitting on your partner during sex may be an unconscious act, to avoid such, some persons may opt-in to cover their mouth.

 4. Oral Sex

Oral sex is capable of making your breath stink temporarily after sex. If your partner’s genitals stink, your breath may stink temporarily too. 

This does not imply that you have been infected or contracted mouth odour or halitosis. No, oral sex does not cause halitosis.

What you may perceive from your breath is the odour from the person’s genital. If the person is a lady and she has a vaginal infection that smells like stale fish, that’s the odour you may perceive temporarily from your breath.

5. Smoking

why bad breath after sex

Smoking is one of the reasons for “Why bad Breath After Sex”.  After sex, it is habitual for some individuals to take a smoke. Smoking is one of the causes of bad breath in individuals. 

The cigarette you take, not only affects your lungs but also affects your mouth. It dries your oral tissues and leads to bad breath. 

Cigarettes are bad for health in general. It causes xerostomia which is dry mouth. A condition that can make the mouth perpetually dry. When the mouth is dry, oral bacteria thrive more. Apart from causing bad breath, it also results in the formation of periodontal diseases.

6. Alcohol

why bad breath after sex

Just like Smoking, alcohol also is another reason why most persons have bad breath after sex. Alcoholics may always like to take a drink after any activity.

To them, it soothes their nerves. But its overconsumption harms your health and your mouth. Strong alcohol can stick with your breath for a long time making you have bad breath. 

If you’ve noticed, it is very difficult to have a close conversation with an alcoholic. Due to the offensive odour, you will perceive from their breath. The odour stinks of wine.

Apart from that, Overconsumption of alcohol also dries your tongue. Over time, it causes bad breath and gingivitis.


What Are The Causes Of Vaginal Infection?

The following are the causes of vaginal infection; some may not show any symptom. The causes are;

  •  Yeast Infection; Candida Albicans is the major cause of yeast infection in the human body. It is a fungus. Taking antibiotics in getting rid of yeast infection sounds good, but can only reduce the number of antifungal bacteria in the vagina.

The reduction of antifungal bacteria in the vagina may lead to further overgrowth of the fungi and may cause infection.

  •  Bacterial Infections; Lots of bacteria are commonly found in your vagina. Overgrowth of these bacteria can cause ‘bacterial vaginosis’.

Bacterial vaginosis is caused by an overgrowth of bacteria. The vagina environment contains good and bad bacteria. In this case, the vagina is filled with bad bacteria that throws it off balance.

Bacterial vaginosis is a common condition that affects women whether or not they had sex. There are home remedies for fighting such a condition. They are;

  1. Yoghurt
  2. Hydrogen peroxide
  3. Garlic
  4. Cotton underwear
  5. Tee tree oil
  6. Probiotics
  7. Boric Acid
  8. Good hygiene
  9. Safe sex
  • Irritants; There are lots of things that can affect your vagina. Stuff like soaps, perfumes, contraceptives, body washes has the possibility of affecting your vagina causing an infection.

Tightly fitted clothes can also cause heat rashes that irritate your vagina. This can result in inflammation.

  •  Vaginal Atrophy; it usually occurs after menopause. When the estrogen levels decline such as breastfeeding it can develop.

Vaginal dryness and thinning coupled with low libido is caused by reduced hormone level which leads to vaginal infection.

  1. Trichomoniasis; This kind of vaginal infection is caused by protozoan parasites that can be contracted through sex
  2.  Nonspecific Vulvaginitis; This condition is the inability of doctors to find the specific cause of vaginal infections. It affects women of different ages but very common in young girls.

What Are The Causes Of Penile Infection?

  1.  Poor Hygiene; The inability to maintain your private part may lead to penile infection. Wearing one undie for a long time over a day and also nonchalance in taking your bath at least twice a day can cause pennies to be infected or stink bad.
  2.  Unprotected Sex; This is the most common cause of yeast infection. Unprotected sex with a woman who has a vaginal yeast infection can make you contract a penile yeast infection.
  3.  Uncircumcision; Surprisingly, circumcision is a risk factor that increases your odds for developing a yeast infection in your penis. under the foreskin may be a breeding ground for candida. If you don’t bathe properly or clean your genitals you fall at risk of developing it.
  4.  Obesity; People with obesity have high a chance of developing a penile yeast infection. Most obese individuals find it difficult to practice body Hygiene. This makes the genital a breeding ground for yeast infection.
  5.  Impaired Immune System; If your immune system is impaired and not active enough to repel disease, you may be at risk of developing a penile yeast infection. 

The reason why some persons do not fall sick like others is that their immune system is active and strong.

How To Make Your Immune System Strong

According to Healthline the following are ways to boost your immune system.

  • Staying Hydrated

Staying hydrated can help boost your immune system. Dehydration can cause lots of illness including bad breath. If you notice dehydration you can rehydrate yourself by drinking lots of water.

  • Taking Probiotics

Probiotics can help boost the immune system also. Probiotics such as yoghurt are rich in vitamins and can help soothe the body system.

  •  Moderate Exercising

Body workouts are also important. When you exercise, you stretch the body and boost your immune system.

  •  Get Enough Sleep

Moderate sleeping every day may just be the solution you need to get you immune system more active than it was.

  • Consume Less Sugar

Added Sugar is bad for you. It has lots of effect on you, starting with your immune system making your body susceptible to diseases.

  •  Eat More Plant Foods

Plant foods are richer than the pressurized foods we consume sometimes. Plant foods such as vegetables are rich in blood.

  •  Eat Lots Of Fruits

Fruits are rich in vitamins and can help boost your immune system.

  • Eat Healthy Fats

Healthy fats are also rich and can boost your immune system.

Wrapping up on “Why Bad Breath After Sex”. Sexual activities can induce bad breath, but it may not happen to every individual. Those whose mouths are constantly moist, may not experience dry mouth irrespective of the dehydration.

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