Why Am I Getting Bad Breath All Of A Sudden?

Bad breath all of a sudden can be attributed to several things. There are a lot of reasons why you have developed bad breath all of a sudden. Some of the reasons may seem minor, others may seem severe and you may need to apply some effort to remove the problem. The following are the problems or reasons behind your sudden bad breath.

1. Poor Oral Hygiene

Why Am I Getting Bad Breath All Of A Sudden?

Poor Oral maintenance is the habit if not taking care of your mouth. It means neglecting your oral responsibility which involves brushing, flossing and gargling at the appropriate time.

Poor oral maintenance or poor dental hygiene Is the major cause behind oral diseases. There are several oral health problems that people go through that did not start on its own. They are caused by nonchalance on their part to take proper care of the mouth.

The mouth is the entrance of the body so you have a responsibility to cater for its need else you suffer the consequences which are bad breath, gingivitis, dental cavities and periodontal diseases.

If you want to practise good oral maintenance, you can start by brushing your teeth at least twice a day. The mistake most people do make is to brush ones a day and so they think that’s more than enough to keep the mouth healthy.

No wonder, over time they tend to ask questions like “why am I getting bad breath all of a sudden” if you want to take perfect care of your mouth, you must start by brushing at least twice a day.

This helps to repel and removing food particles that are stuck within the teeth and behind the tongue, that decays and causes bad breath for you all if a sudden.

The food particles which are unremoved in your mouth could be the reason behind your sudden bad breath. Oral bacteria feed on those particles, releasing acids that cause bad breath and tooth decay.

Also in maintaining good oral health, you must practise daily flossing. Flossing also helps to remove debris in the teeth.

How Do You Fix Poor Oral Hygiene?

Fixing poor oral hygiene is not difficult, it only requires your consistency. The following are ways you can fix your poor oral hygiene; They are;

  1. Brush Properly In The Evenings: The fact that you brushed in the morning before leaving the house is not a yardstick for avoiding evening brushing. Evening brushing is not as important as that of the morning. Those who complain of morning breath are probably the ones that are unaware that the major reason behind it is not brushing before bed. To fix poor oral hygiene you should, as a matter of importance brush before going to bed.
  2. When Brushing, Do not Rinse: Sounds funny right? But it’s the truth. Dentist and hygienists have advised that rinsing after brushing is unhygienic. What it does is to remove the vital ingredients in the toothpaste that can help your teeth strong and repel harmful oral bacteria. Ingredients like fluoride help maintain the teeth, keeping it strong and healthy.
  3. When Brushing, Brush Your Tongue: Brushing without brushing the tongue is a futile effort. The unpleasant odour you want to get rid of maybe coming from your tongue. So, not brushing it may increase the problem of bad breath. Oral bacteria resides deep inside the tongue, using your toothbrush to reach inside and brush out food particles that pollute and gives the mouth a stinky and nasty odour, is a good way to fix bad breath.
  4. Floss Daily: Flossing daily is also as fundamental as brushing. When you floss, you remove specks in the teeth. Flossing is using a thin thread to clean between the teeth. When you practise this daily, you can fix oral hygiene in a short while. Don’t let flossing difficulties hinder you from keeping your teeth clean.
  5. Make Use of Mouthwash: Using a mouthwash is very ideal. If you are having oral health problems, it is wise to make use of antiseptic mouthwash. These are various antiseptic mouthwash in grocery stores that can be purchased.  Antiseptic oral rinses are vital for fixing poor oral hygiene. They contain antibacterial elements, which can help you get rid of bad breath and stop some oral health troubles such as sore throat, canker sores, gingivitis and Abscess tooth. Gargling mouthwash daily is vital as regards your oral health.
  6. Drink Lots Of Water: When your mouth is dry as a result of dehydration, it can cause bad breath all of a sudden. The solution, however, is to drink lots of water that will help moisturize and lubricate your mouth. It can also help you fix poor oral hygiene in no time. You can do this by moving around with a bottle of water.
  7. Eat Lots Of Fruits: Fruits are very good for the body. Citrus fruits contain lots of vitamin C which help keep your teeth and gum healthy and infection-free. Your tooth enamel can be restored by magnesium which is contained in fruits like bananas. If you want to lower the risk of tooth decay, you should more fruits, not just fruits but healthy ones. Not all fruits are good for your oral health, hard fruits like date are not good for your teeth due to the amount of sugar contained in them.
  8. Try Vegetables:  Do you know that vegetables and fibrous fruits can help clean your teeth. also, broccoli and leafy grains comprise of lots of calcium which is good for the teeth. Replacing sugary and starchy foods with vegetables is another way to lower your risk of tooth decay. When consuming sandwiches and pizzas, load them with vegetables. That way you will live healthily.
  9. Consume Probiotics: Probiotics are referred to as live microorganisms that may be able to help in the prevention and curing of some illness. They help in healthy living by boosting your immune system. They can also help to fix poor oral hygiene. They are supplied through certain foods, dietary supplements and beverages. Yoghurt is a good example of probiotics that can help in fixing poor oral hygiene.
  10. Regular Dental Checkup: Regular dental checkup is also vital. For every individual. Your dentist should be in the right position to receive certain steps you can take to fix oral hygiene.

  2. Tonsil Stones

Why Am I Getting Bad Breath All Of A Sudden?

Tonsil stones are mineralization of debris found within the service of the tonsil. When they are not mineralized, the pressure of the debris is known as chronic caseous tonsillitis, which is known to cause bad breath.

The individual having tonsil stones may not feel any pain but will feel the pressure of something in the mouth. Tonsil stones are composed of several bacteria that vary. They may weigh from 0.4 g to 43 g. If your tonsil stones do not bother you then there is nothing wrong.

But if you want to get rid of tonsil stones, it is very easy, all you have to do is gargle salt and water solution daily for removal. You can also try manual removal, that is using your fingers to remove it.

Tonsil stones do not affect a particular gender, both male and female are affected by it. Studies show that up to 11% of people have tonsil stones in their mouth. If you are having bad breath regularly or suddenly which smells like that of a rotten egg, then check if you gave tonsil stone in your mouth.

Apart from that, you may also have a metallic taste in your mouth and occasional pains when swallowing. If you have tonsil stones in your mouth, there is no reason why you have to ask “why am I getting bad breath all of a sudden.”

3. Dehydration

Why Am I Getting Bad Breath All Of A Sudden?

Dehydration is a discussion of the metabolic process through the depletion of body water. It occurs when water loss exceeds that of water intake due to hotness of the temperature, exercise, and probably disease. There is mild and intense dehydration. 5% of the loss of body liquids can be tolerated, 6-8% decrease in body water may cause dizziness and fatigue.

10% loss of body water can lead to physical and mental deterioration with strong thirst. But death occurs when there is a 15- 20% loss of body water. Dehydration can cause sudden bad breath by drying your oral tissues. When your oral tissues are dry your mouth begins to ooze a nasty odour.

To avoid this, you can keep your body hydrated by consuming water when you notice that you awe at and urinate a lot. Dehydration may also come as a side effect from several drugs and medications. It can also slow down the potency of some drugs.

Know that mild dehydration is characterized by thirst and general discomfort and is normally resolved with registration through the mouth.

4.  Certain Food you Eat

Why Am I Getting Bad Breath All Of A Sudden?

Another reason for questions like “why am I getting bad breath all of a sudden” is probably due to the kind of food you eat. The kind of food we eat is very important. Foods contribute immensely to the reasons why people have health problems.

What you eat will either keeps you strong and healthy or reduces your life span. Bad breath from foods is not left out. So many persons have bad breath all of a sudden and concerned as to the cause or why such results.

Good news. The problem may just be your choice of food. Certain foods are supposed to be taken in minute quantity due to its effect in your mouth. Those foods may be acidic and can alter the oral pH. Suddenly your mouth starts emitting a bad odour that wasn’t there initially.

Foods like garlic, onion and asparagus can cause bad breath. If you’ve noticed, people are very uncomfortable with the smell of garlic. It smells so irritating that it can make people closeby very uneased due to the offensive odour from your breath.

Consuming foods like garlic, you should not make it a part of you, it can sync with your body such that even your sweat stinks of it.

Onion also is not left out. Though they have rich properties they should not be taken consistently in large quantities with being cooked.

Onions have a very bad smell when eaten raw. Just like garlic, it can push people away from you. Using onion to cook is very good for the body. It contains body nutrients and it is very good for the eyes.

So the reason for your sudden bad breath may just be the foods you have been consuming lately. Check your choice of food, weigh them and do research on them. Some foods can make your mouth sour very fast after consumption. It is wise to put a check on them.

5.   Nausea

Why Am I Getting Bad Breath All Of A Sudden?

Another reason why you are probably experiencing bad breath all of a sudden may be due to Nausea. That nauseating feeling you are having can probably be the cause of your bad breath.

Nausea is a feeling of illness or discomfort in the digestive system, usually characterized by a strong urge to vomit or puke. After foods have been digested in the stomach they ought to pass out from the body through the excretory organs.

They can pass out in various ways either by sweating, urine or through faeces. But when there is a problem with the digestive system, foods that have been digested or in the process of digestion are ejected through the mouth.

This can cause bad breath when it is recurrent. This is why most sick patients have bad breath all of a sudden and they are surprised and don’t know where it is coming from. It may just be the nauseating feeling you are having.

This also happens to pregnant women which is why they have bad breath in times of pregnancy, not because pregnancy causes bad breath but due to nausea and other factors.

6. Medications

Why Am I Getting Bad Breath All Of A Sudden?

If you on medications, then you will have bad breath unexpectedly. Bad breath comes in many unexpected ways and medications is one of them. Those on are on a heavy medication due to illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other senile illnesses can have bad breath.

Medications dry the tongue. It dries the oral tissues causing bad breath. It reduces the saliva whose main function is to keep the mouth moist and clean. When there is reduced saliva in the mouth, the mouth losses it’s the ability to stay moist and refreshed.

The saliva lubricates the mouth and keeps it from being dry. When it is dry, that is when it begins to smell bad. To avoid such, if you are on medication keep yourself hydrated continually to avoid bad breath. There are several ways to rehydrate yourself, but the most common one is to drink more water.

When you are on medication, you may choose to carry a bottle of water around to soothe your mouth and to help your oral tissues maintain a balance in your mouth and also help avoid oral health problems.

Some oral health problems result from dry mouth. So keep your mouth moist always.

7. Acid Reflux

Why Am I Getting Bad Breath All Of A Sudden?

Heartburn is not the only thing people who suffer from Acid reflux complain about, they also complain of bad breath. It is the reflux of stomach acids into the oesophagus

Gaestrophagel Reflux disease is a chronic condition marked by continuous acid reflux which is the rise of stomach acid in the oesophagus. The misplaced stomach acid may be the reason for your sudden bad breath.

In Conclusion on ” why am I getting bad breath all of a sudden?”.  Sudden bad breath is caused by various reasons such as poor oral maintenance, dehydration, certain foods, Acid reflux, medications, Nausea etc.

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