Which Toothpaste Help Cure Bad Breath?

Knowing the right toothpaste is a popular challenge most individuals face. There are lots of toothpaste in the market, but the question is Which Toothpaste Can Be Used To Cure A Case Of Bad Breath.? Some individuals use a particular toothpaste their whole life without any complications, others change regularly due to personal reasons

If you are having a bad breath, it is wise for you to change the toothpaste you’re using. This is because some bacteria may get so used to a particular drug or treatment and they begin to build antibodies that may help sustain themselves in the presence of those treatments or drugs.

However, changing toothpaste is important. Also while changing the paste, change the toothbrush. Using a toothbrush for more than 3 months is inappropriate, toothbrushes should be changed at least every 3 months.

There are lots of toothpaste in the market. While looking out for them you must ensure that it is recommended by the dental association.

But other well-recommended toothpastes include Colgate, Close-up, Oral B, Dabur Herbal, Sensodyne, Euthymol, Maclean, Pepsodent, Aquafresh Etc. these are trusted products that have been recommended by several dentists and individuals over the years. Having said that, lets now look at what toothpaste entails.

What Is Toothpaste?

A Toothpaste is any liquid or semi-liquid substance that is often used to clean the teeth. It is used in collaboration with a toothbrush to ensure the mouth is clean and free from odor. The toothpaste is also used with the toothbrush to clean the mouth in general: this includes the tongue. Toothpaste is used to remove dental plagues and maintain oral hygiene. Morning and night, you squeeze a little amount of toothpaste on your toothbrush. Do you ever wonder why you do this routine daily? Or what is it about the toothpaste that promotes fresh breath.

The toothpaste is more than a mere sweet substance that one must use every morning on the teeth. It has both Active and Inactive substances in it. The Active Ingredients are those substances that help the teeth to fight against cavities and gum infections; that is, they act as protection of the teeth and gum against bacterias that may seek to invade the mouth. While the Inactive Ingredients are that substance that helps give the toothpaste its color, taste, and scent. Below are some Active and Inactive substances used in toothpaste.

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Fluoride is popularly used in dentistry to strengthen the outer layer of the teeth. It helps to prevent cavities. It is a mineral that occurs in all water supplies such as ocean, lakes, rivers; the amount varies though, some supplies are high, others are low. it is also a naturally occurring mineral that protects helps repair tooth from damage.


These are ingredients that help removes food particles and stains from the teeth. They are considered as Inactive ingredients because they do not reduce the chance of the toothpaste fighting against cavities. The toothpaste however is inactive without them. The purpose of the abrasive in the toothpaste is to scrub the surface of the teeth without damaging your tooth’s enamel.


The other ingredients may help clean and protect your teeth but certainly won’t give it the desired flavor. Toothpaste is usually made from sweetening agents such as saccharin and sorbitol. Most toothpaste is fruit-flavored. Toothpaste does not contain sugar and cannot lead to tooth decay.


The humectant plays an inactive role in the toothpaste, it helps trap water in the toothpaste such that when you squeeze the tube you get a smooth substance. Humectants include sorbitol, glycol, and glycerol.


They help provide foaming agents when you brush your teeth. The detergent in the toothpaste acts as a cleaning agent when used to clean the teeth. It also helps expel bacterias from the teeth during the process of brushing.

How To Use Toothpaste

Using toothpaste is very easy but often most people are ignorant of the usage. The toothpaste as earlier defined is a semi-solid substance that is used for cleaning the teeth. When applying the toothpaste one must careful not to apply too much of it. Applying too much may not be appropriate, just a little squeeze is enough to guarantee a fresh breath.

Toothpaste contains ingredients that are harmless to the body, but when you apply beyond the usual proportion you find out that the scent of the toothpaste becomes too much for the mouth, thereby making the scent stuck to the mouth. This is why even after brushing the teeth and one is unable to take in food, the mouth starts developing a bad odor.

When using toothpaste, it is however important not to apply too much. If you find out that the proportion is not enough, you can take a little more than applying too much at once. Also it is important to know how to store your toothpaste. Toothpaste is an important item in the house and as such it should be kept in a dry cool environment.

Importance Of Using The Toothpaste

Without the toothpaste, brushing is incomplete. There are some other methods people use in brushing, in Africa some individuals use a toothpick, sharp sand, and other methods. But the toothpaste is most effective cos it is antibacterial and helps give a fresh breath.

One of the importance of toothpaste is that it helps in maintaining the white color of the teeth. It also helps in maintaining a healthy teeth void of holes and warms.

The toothpaste also ensures that the teeth are free from cavities. It also goes a long way in caring for the gum. When you brush right, gum diseases rarely attack you. A disease-free life is heavily dependent on how well you take care of yourself and how well you apply personal hygiene. Diseases don’t just attack, there must be a fault from somewhere.

When To Use Toothpaste

The toothpaste can be used anytime in the day. It is advised by dentists to brush trice a day. That is after every meal, to keep the mouth free from food particles that may be stuck within the teeth or on the tongue.
When using the toothpaste do not just apply it on the teeth and assume brushing is complete, you must use it with a toothbrush for brushing to be achieved.

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