Bad breath in most humans originates from the mouth. Most people find it difficult to accept this fact, in that, they feel that the stomach produces the awful smell they perceive from their mouth. Bad breath can occur due to several reasons.

Inability to take care of the mouth

Inability to control one’s intake of certain foods.

Inability to brush the tongue and teeth frequently etc.

The above are just a few reasons why most individuals develop bad breath over time. Bad breath does not occur at once, a series of events, resulting from nonchalance brings about bad breath in most human. It is important to note that when an individual merely perceives an odor in the mouth does not necessarily make him have bad breath.

Halitosis which is also bad breath, results or develops as a long time thing. This is why it is nearly impossible to treat or cure bad breath on one’s own without the help of a specialist. A specialist serves as a guide to help educate you on the do’s and does.


In some humans, bad breath may come from the lungs. This is as a result of cancer which has attacked the lungs for a long period of time. Diseases in the lungs may affect a person’s respiratory system and can result in a release of awful smell from the mouth. The mouth is a door way to the body which things come in and exit also, so when the lungs is bad, one usually experience an odorous gases escaping from the breath.

Another place where bad breath comes from in the body is the tongue. Most people are unaware that the inability to brush the tongue properly results in bad breath. The tongue is used for swallowing food particles broken down by the teeth with the help of the saliva in to the stomach. After swallowing, even after rinsing, the tongue may still hold some food particles on it. These particles may sour over time; it is necessary to them brush the tongue after meal. Perhaps one is busy and unable to do so, it is also proper to brush and scrub the tongue gently but effectively to expel to food particles from the tongue before bed. When brushing the tongue, one must brush inside reaching gently for the throat; this way brushing is almost complete.

The teeth also are another place bad breath can come from. Just like the tongue, the teeth also hold food particles. It is also important to know how to brush the teeth. You brush your teeth in an up and down style. Not just using the brush to rub the teeth and at the end you think brushing is done. Brushing may take a while, but one must get it right. Brushing in an up and down mode helps expel food particle stock within the teeth. Consistency in this can guarantee a good breath. Also, avoiding certain diets will go a long way in helping you curb issues of bad breath. certain foods with sour taste can also go a mile in helping out. foods with garlic may be a problem when there is consistent intake. the awful and annoying smell it produces may make it difficult for you to communicate with others; in that, not everyone likes its smell. Most individuals detest the smell of garlic, they may not tell you openly, so not to demean you, during conversations many may just silently drift away just to avoid the odor.

In conclusion, bad breath may not be an external problem, but may result due to negligence and nonchalance.


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