Your breath is your pride, work on it.

Are you experiencing severe bad breath? Do you often feel scorned and isolated due to the foul smelling odor from your mouth? Have you tried all efforts to rid your mouth off the dirty smell? Do you think your case is severe and may defy all odds for treatment? Searching into this site absolutely gives you concern and in dire need of a lasting solution.

Bad breath or halitosis in some people can be very severe, most people live their whole lives with it. Only a few is able to break away from its chains. Reading this article, I can guarantee that you can be part of that few; if you follow these steps.

[1] How often do you brush?

This question tends to offend most adults with bad breath. They feel not brushing more than once in a day do not guarantee a fresh breath, in that even people with good breath do not brush more than ones per day. This is may be true but all humans are not the same, ever heard of individual difference? It is what makes us unique beings. The fact that your colleague or friend has a good breath and does not brush twice, does not guarantee yours. The fact that you are experiencing bad breath means you need to add extra effort in your personal hygiene. One of those extra effort is brushing at least twice a day.

[2] How do you brush?

The method deployed in brushing is as important as the number of times one brushes. Brushing must be done in an up and down mode; this method helps remove food particles which are between the teeth. These food particles, if not removed, may stay between the teeth and decay thereby causing tooth ache and gum disease known as periodontitis. While brushing it is expedient to brush well and brush carefully so as not to injure the gum.

[3] What about your tongue?

The tongue also is another part of the mouth most people fail to consider when cleaning the mouth. The tongue holds the saliva and also is used for swallowing food particles into the stomach. When brushing it is important that you scrape your tongue very well to avoid it producing unwanted odor. When brushing you must be careful not to injure yourself with your brush.

[4] Which toothpaste do you use?

Some tooth paste is not advisable to use. These tooth paste are harsh for the mouth, when used, over time the saliva begins to deplete leading to loss of saliva. This can be detrimental and leading to bad breath. The saliva is very important in the mouth, it rinses the mouth and helps breakdown food substance for easy swallowing.

[5] See the Dentist

The dentist is the doctor in charge of the teeth. Just like there are doctors for the eye, ear and the vagina, the dentist specializes on the teeth or mouth. With issues of chronic bad breath, the last resort is the dentist. If you have tried the above methods without results, then the dentist is your one last stop.

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