Bad breath is contagious. Bad breath is caused by germs. Generally, germs can be transferred through various means. But first of all, what are Germs.


These are small organisms that cannot be seen with the optical eyes that attack humans and other living hosts. Germs cannot be seen with the eyes unless the aid of a microscope. These germs reside in their host, increase, multiply and reproduce and invariably leading to diseases. Germs may not just refer to bacterium, but to any microorganism or nonliving thing that causes diseases. Germs cannot be seen with the optical eyes, they can be transferred through air and other means.

Bad breath is contagious through the help of germs. There a number of ways by one can contact bad breath, they include;


Through conversations one can contact bad breath. When having conversations with individuals who has bad breath, one may stand the chance of contacting germs into the body; thereby leading to mouth odor. What should one do? When having conversations with such individuals, it is advisable to distant oneself in a way or hold your breath for a while so as not to contact those germs.


This is one of the ways many individuals tend to disagree with. Are you aware that when kissing your spouse, you exchange saliva, and the saliva contains bactarias. Kissing a spouse with bad breath automatically increases your chance of contacting it; in that, you collect germs that can cause bad breath. When those germs accumulate over time, it therefore leads to mouth odor.


Having oral sex is one way of contacting bad breath. Oral sex involves using the mouth to indulge in sexual activities such as blowjobs and heads. Blowjob refers to the situation where the female uses her mouth to suck the male organ in order to cause ejaculation. Some men are dirty and haggard, they find it difficult to take care of their undies. When a man is lackadaisical in keeping himself neat, mostly his undies, this may result to a terrible odor oozing out of his organ. Indulging in oral sex with such an individual may increase the chances of contacting bad breath due to the germs absorbed during such an activity. Also a HEAD involves the male sticking his mouth into the vagina of the woman, licking it in order to stimulate sexual orgasm. Some ladies are also not neat this can pose threat when indulging in oral sex.


Also sharing certain things may be another way of contacting bad breath. Sharing things like spoon and cups with individuals who have bad breath may increase the chance of contacting bad breath. Do you know that germs reside in the cups and spoons we use? Mostly when they are unwashed. To avoid sharing stuffs like that, it is important for every individual to own their property and avoid sharing.


This is a good way of contacting bad breath. Property such as toothbrush is supposed to be used by one person only. Sharing toothbrush is unhealthy. Imagine sharing toothbrush with an individual with chronic bad breath, contacting bad breath becomes easy. Toothbrush is one of the cheapest commodities in the market. Owning a personal toothbrush is not difficult for an individual. Owning a toothbrush is just one part, maintaining it is another; one must not store his/her toothbrush in a damply place. Toothbrush is stored in a dry and cool place, not somewhere dusty, but a neat place.

In conclusion, bad breath is very contagious, one may not notice this or take this fact into consideration. However, it is important to abstain from the above activities that may lead to it.

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