Is bad breath a sign of diabetes

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that occurs as a result of excess sugar in one’s blood. Diabetes is a condition that occurs when your blood glucose (blood sugar) is too high. It is a situation where the blood glucose is your main source of energy and comes from the food you eat. There are various types diabetes;

[1] If you have the type 1 diabetes, the body will not make insulin. Your immune system attacks and destroys the cells in your pancreas that make insulin. This type is usually found in children and adults; it comes at any time. People with this need to take insulin to stay alive.

[2]The type 2 diabetes the body does not make use of or even use insulin at all. You can develop this type of diabetes at any age. This common type of diabetes occurs in middle aged adults and childhood.

Just like cancer, bad breath is also a sign of diabetes in most humans. Most individuals who experience diabetes usually experience a dirty odor oozing from their mouth. Why does such a thing occur?

Diabetes leads to periodontal diseases, statistics proves that one of three persons with diabetes can also experience periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is a serious gum infection that damages gum and can destroy the jawbone. It is medically called periodontitis, generally called gum disease or periodontal disease starts with bacteria growth in the mouth. If not properly cured it may end with tooth loss.

The reason why bad breath is a sign of diabetes is that, diabetes leads to periodontitis which is gum disease. People with gum disease usually experience bad breath due to the fact, germs accumulates in the gum. The tooth gum is the layer in the mouth that holds the teeth. Due to nonchalance and negligence of some individuals they find it difficult to take good care of their mouth, this leads to periodontitis. Over consumption of sweets and candies affects the tooth gum. This automatically leads to bad breath in some individuals.

Over consumption of sweets and candies can also lead to diabetes in individual. When an individual uncontrollably takes sugary foods and drinks over a long time this also leads to diabetes.

Also when the body cant make insulin, the cells will not receive the glucose they need for fuel. The body then begins to burn fat instead of sugar thereby producing ketones which build up in the blood and urine. High ketones often causes bad breath. When ketones rise beyond the normal level, the individual is at risk of a severe condition called Diabetes Ketoacidosis (DKA). The symptoms are:


People with DKA usually experience this. The average individual is supposed to urinate at least one and half liter of urine per day. But this disease makes an individual to urinate as frequent as possible, measuring up to 3 liters of urine per day.


Also people with DKA may also experience a sharp abdominal pain frequently. This pain may occur ;usually in the night.


People with this may also feel nauseated at any little thing. The obnoxious feeling may lead to frequent vomiting or throwing up. Possible and individual any throw up like 4 times within a week.


Another symptom is shortness of breath. The individual will find it difficult to catch his breath at certain times when he/she engages in hard chores.



A diabetic patient engaging in smoking is an anomaly. This because the nicotine produced by the cigarette is not good for the body, it affects the liver which detoxifies chemical and metabolizes drugs. Persons with diabetes should abstain from smoking, this is very important to guarantee long life.


It is important to visit the dentist so as to get regular checkup and possibly treatments when necessary. The dentist should also prescribe drugs that will aid in saliva production in the mouth. The inability for the mouth to produce saliva, is a reason why most individuals experience bad breath regularly. The saliva helps rinse the mouth keeping it fresh all the time.


Using sugar free gums or mints is another method of managing bad breath from diabetes. Sugar free gum helps to keep the sugar level normal. Remember that one of the causes of diabetes is the regular intake of sweets and sugary foods. Avoiding sugary foods also helps stay healthy when experiencing diabetes. Chewing mints also helps the mouth maintain fresh breath. Most mints have menthol which helps the breath stay fresh.


Brushing is also another way of managing bad breath in humans. Most people are unaware that when brushing, you must apply the right method. The right method involves using the tooth brush to brush the teeth in an up and down mode. This way you remove food particles which are hidden in the middle of the teeth that may accumulate and cause periodontitis over time.


Scraping the tongue when brushing is in fact the most important aspect of brushing. The tongue harbors food particles which should be scraped off, if not they will grow stale and sour and give the mouth an awful smell. Keeping the tongue clean is an important way of managing bad breath.


When the mouth is dry, that is when you notice the stink from your breath. In situations where one is engaged in a conversation or a seminar, it is important to keep a bottle of water close bye to keep the mouth moist and fresh. The essence of the saliva is to help the mouth swallow-in food substances and also keep the mouth fresh.


Keeping blood sugar in perfect level helps a diabetic patient stay healthy. When an individual knows what is right and does it, it goes a long way to save his/her life. Keeping blood sugar in perfect condition is important.

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