Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide As Mouthwash And Side Effects

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There are several bottles of mouthwash in grocery stores with different names, but what eludes some persons is whether the mouthwash or mouth rinses contain hydrogen peroxide. Some individuals have probably noticed the effectiveness of the product; thus they want to explore its usefulness.

The question most persons ask is what is are the uses of hydrogen peroxide mouthwash its side effects. Before we delve into that I believe it is pertinent to know what mouthwash entails.

What Is Mouthwash?

uses of hydrogen peroxide mouthwash and side effects

Mouthwash, usually referred to as oral rinse or mouth rinse is an antiseptic liquid mixture which is intended to reduce the rate of harmful bacteria in the mouth.

Mouth rinse is also an antiseptic that is held and swilled around in the mouth. Oral rinses are gargled when the head is tilted backwards and the liquid is bubbled behind the mouth. Most mouthwash acts as a help for those suffering dry mouth(xerostomia).

To help keep the mouths moist. Mouth Rinses are used to temporarily control and reduce bad breath leaving the mouth with a good taste. Mouthwash is also used for other reasons apart from stopping bad breath and keeping the mouth moist.

Mouth rinses contain antibacterial or antiseptic ingredients used to repel Microbial infections in the tongue and oral cavity. There are two types of mouthwash, cosmetic and therapeutic mouthwash. The cosmetic mouthwash temporarily controls bad breath, it lacks the active biological ingredients that permanently stops bad breath.

These products are unable to kill bacteria responsible for bad breath. So they are considered cosmetic. On the other hand, therapeutic mouth rinse has active ingredients that can help put a stop to bad breath. It also reduces conditions such as gingivitis, tooth decay, and plaques.

 Active Ingredients Found In Therapeutic Mouthwash

  • Cetylpyridinium chloride is a cationic quaternary ammonium compound used in some type of mouthwash, toothpaste, throat spray, breaths spray and nasal spray. The compounds have shown to be efficient in reducing gingivitis in preventing dental plaques. It is also an antiseptic that kills microorganisms sometimes used in certain pesticides.
  •  Chlorhexidine use for disinfecting wounds, treating yeast infection in the mouth on preventing dental plaques, etc.
  •  Essential oils are concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile chemical compounds from plants. They are extracted from plants.
  • Fluoride is found in all toothpaste, it helps prevents cavities in both children and adults.
  •  Peroxide, this is our main focus, hydrogen peroxide is an efficient product used in most mouthwash, so I will write a lot about it.

Now let’s look at hydrogen peroxide mouthwash.

Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash

uses of hydrogen peroxide mouthwash and side effects

Hydrogen peroxide mouthwashes are those that contain a concentration of hydrogen peroxide, though it has its uses and side effects. It is a compound used in producing various kinds of toothpaste and mouthwashes. It has antibacterial ingredients that help repel microbial infections in the mouth. Using a solution of it helps keep the mouth stay free from irritation and infections. It is also a good oxidant for bad breath.

Hydrogen peroxide mouthwash is used just like the normal mouth rinse. It can be mixed with water and gargled regularly. You can purchase mouth rinse in grocery stores that contain hydrogen peroxide or you can simply purchase the hydrogen peroxide from a grocery store and do a homemade mouthwash recipe. Whichever one you decide is up to you.

I’ll prefer you to buy the peroxide from the grocery store and make yours. When using hydrogen peroxide, you should know that it has its uses and side effects. Peroxide like every chemical compound has side effects.

When using it you must apply caution, you don’t just gulp the solution. You will have to mix it with water which helps reduce the level of concentration of the compound making it usable for humans. Still, you will not swallow it after swishing and gargling it. Having exposed hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash, the uses and side effects are;

Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash

Hydrogen peroxide mouth rinses have several uses. It can be used to solve or cure many oral ailments or infections. For you to apply peroxide mouth rinses you should be well acquainted with its uses in various oral infections. Put shortly, hydrogen peroxide is one of the most effective solutions which have been proven by dentists that soothes bacterial infections in the mouth. the following are the use of hydrogen peroxide mouth rinse in the mouth.

 For Oral Sores

uses of hydrogen peroxide mouthwash and side effects

When applied correctly, peroxides can help put an end to oral sores. Oral sores are injuries in the mouth and they are either caused by bacterias, or an injury one sustains. It is harrowing and discomforting and can cause the inability to consume certain foods.

When applied to these sores, hydrogen peroxide kills the bacterias responsible for it. It is possible because peroxides contain alcohol, which is ethanol; ethanol is an antibacterial substance that is used to disinfect wounds when applied to oral sores it helps soothe them. Though it can be painful, if applied consistently for some time will put a stop to oral sores.

For Gingivitis

uses of hydrogen peroxide mouthwash and side effects

Gingivitis is a condition that is not rear in most individuals’, yet it can cause bad breath in people. Gingivitis refers to a condition of inflammation of the gingivae. The gingivae refer to the gum that is it consists of the tissues surrounding the roots of the teeth and covering the jawbone.

Gingivitis is an oral infection that usually referred to as gum disease. Peroxide is one of the best solutions for gingivitis. Hydrogen peroxide mouthwash when properly used can help to cure gum inflammation. Gum diseases should not be taken likely; it can lead to damage of jawbone if not properly treated.

Teeth Whitening

uses of hydrogen peroxide mouthwash and side effects

If you have coloured teeth and you are looking for a solution to it then the best option can be hydrogen peroxide. Gargling a solution of hydrogen peroxide can help whiten your teeth. Gargling it will not entirely make your yellow teeth turn white, but it can remove mild stains on the teeth. If you want to completely make your teeth white with hydrogen peroxide what you have to do is to apply a solution of hydrogen peroxide on your toothbrush and brush your teeth properly.

The trick may not happen in a day, but if you do it consistently for over 3 weeks, you will start to see some changes in the colour of your teeth.

Soothing Sore Throat

Sore throat is one problem people face a lot. It is mostly caused by flu, viral infection, or cold. Those with sore throat often have difficulty in swallowing strong foods, this could be the reason why a lot of those having it stick a lot with liquid foods probably because it’s easy to gulp in.

However, using peroxide mouthwash will do a lot of good to help you get rid of the sore throat. What you have to do is to mix a concentration of hydrogen peroxide with some quantity of water, tilt your head backwards, move the solution in your mouth to the back o the tongue and gargle properly. Do this for up to 3-4 times and watch the sore throat disappear.

Since sore throat results from the increase in microbes; hydrogen peroxide is an antibacterial substance that helps repel the bacterias responsible for it.

Removing Oral Thrush

uses of hydrogen peroxide mouthwash and side effects

Oral thrush is also known as oral candidiasis is an oral infection that affects the surface of the mouth, inner cheeks, and the tongue. In this kind of oral infection, fungus candida Albicans accumulates in the mouth. it is most common with babies, in adults those with immune deficiency also people who use steroids spray for asthma.

It causes white lesions on the inner cheeks or tongue. Have you noticed that some people usually have whitish substance in their mouth whenever it is open? Those whitish substances are what we refer to as oral thrush. It usually comes with a dry mouth and a very unpleasant breath. If you are having such you should not take it lightly, Visit the dentist for checkup and treatment or you can save yourself the stress by using hydrogen peroxide.

Gargling a Solution of hydrogen peroxide can help get rid of that condition. Simply mix it with a quantity of water and gargle properly for about half a minute. Do it for 5-6 days and you will see a tremendous change in your tongue and inner cheek when You use the mirror.

For Curing Tooth Abscess

uses of hydrogen peroxide mouthwash and side effects

Tooth Abscess is an oral infection brought by tissue damage, it is a situation where the cavity is filled with pus. Tooth Abscess is a pathetic situation which some dental patients experience.
It usually comes with excruciating pains and very discomforting. People who experience this often find it difficult to eat or even talk.

To get rid of it, you can gargle a solution of hydrogen peroxide daily; at least twice a day. This will help kill the bacterias responsible and return your tooth to normal.

For Keeping The Mouth Moist

Are you having dry mouth (xerostomia)? Do you find your saliva always thick and as a result, you have bad breath? You can remedy such a condition by using hydrogen peroxide mouthwash.
The reason for dry mouth is infection thus peroxides are good remedies for oral infections.

Removing Tongue Coating

uses of hydrogen peroxide mouthwash and side effects

Tongue coating refers to whitish colouring on the tongue. The source of tongue coating is an infection and also negligence and nonchalance of an individual in maintaining good oral hygiene. People who have a whitish coating of their tongue often experience bad breath accompanied by it.

Removing tongue coating is not such a difficult task using hydrogen peroxide. You can put some quantity of hydrogen peroxide on your toothbrush or tongue scraper and brush your tongue properly. Continue this for some days, you will begin to see effective changes on your tongue. Having looked at hydrogen peroxide, the uses and the side effects come next.

Side Effects Of Using Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash

Like every other chemical substance, hydrogen peroxides have their side effects. The following are the side effect of using hydrogen peroxide mouthwash

 Dry Mouth

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Using peroxide mouthwash every day for a long time leads to dry mouth. Dry mouth causes bad breath. When the mouth is short of saliva, it brings out an unpleasant odour. This is because the saliva is responsible for keeping the mouth moist and clean at all times, so the unavailability of the normal quantity of saliva often leads to smelly odour from the breath.

Hydrogen peroxides contain alcohol (ethanol) which hurts the tongue. Alcoholic usually have bad breaths due to the reduction of the amount of saliva in their mouth. if you want to use peroxide mouthwash, you must apply it at least once a day.


Using hydrogen peroxide may cause redness on the tooth gum due to its corrosive nature. Redness is not just only on the gum but also on the inner cheeks. It also affects the teeth if used and left for a long time.


Using home peroxide in the mouth may cause the inner cheeks to peel off at some point when it has been used too often. This is why dentists advise that after using hydrogen peroxides for a while, stop, then you can continue its usage.

Due to its harsh nature, it may even cause peeling on the tongue making eating and brushing painful and discomforting.

Oral Irritation

Called stomatitis, is referred to as a sore mouth, this condition can make it difficult for an individual to either brush, eat, and talk. It can affect the lip, inner cheek, tongue, and gum. Hydrogen peroxide can cause this when you mostly apply it without mixing it with a water solution.


uses of hydrogen peroxide mouthwash and side effectsHydrogen peroxide is a harsh substance because it contains ethanol. So when you use it in your mouth you will most likely feel that hot-harsh sensation inside your mouth. Its corrosive nature is the reason why it is capable of damaging some parts of the mouth leaving you with sores and redness. The blisters are what lead to oral sores.

Wrapping Up On The Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide As Mouthwash And Side Effects

In conclusion, using hydrogen peroxide oral rinse is perfect; it can serve as a solution for several infections that have proven to be resistant to certain kinds of toothpaste. However, like every other chemical substance, it has some side effects if abused or taken too often. Using hydrogen peroxide mouthwash, you will have to pay close attention to the details above.

I believe with this article I have been able to do justice to your concerns of Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide As Mouthwash and Its Side Effects.

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