How To Hide Bad Breath While Talking

Bad Breath when chronic or has gone to the stage of Halitosis can be a thing of concern. Especially when it comes to social communication or verbal communication. People with bad breath have a sort of low self-esteem because their condition can be very embarrassing. The problem may not be with their never-ending smelly breath, but their mind.


How? The mind is very vital. Often, some persons may think they have bad breath whereas it is just their imagination. Now, with some few points am going to show you How to Hide Bad Breath while Talking.


  • Find Out If Your Breath Stinks

How To Hide Bad Breath While Talking

Step one seems a bit funny right? Even when you think you have bad breath, it is important to confirm. Like is posited above, it may just be your imagination, you may just be feeling you have bad breath whereas your breath is not as stinky as you think or may not even stink at all.


I experience this a couple of times, so before I set out I just confirm for myself. There are ways to confirming if your breath stinks at a particular time, simple methods you can do with your hand without going to see a dentist.


The following are a few methods you can practise on how to detect if you have bad breath.

  1. Put your hands in between your nose and mouth and puff out a little air, sniff it in to know whether or not your breath stinks.
  2. Puff out a little air from your mouth in the direction of your nose then sniff it in. If the breath is odourless, then you are bad breath free. But if you perceive this odour a couple of times from that day; you can be sure that you have bad breath.
  3. Puff out a little breath from your mouth into a container cover it and place it in your nose, smell it and know whether it stinks or not.


  • Turn Your Face To An Opposite Direction While TalkingHow To Hide Bad Breath While Talking

Sometimes, your breath goes in the direction of your face. This is so true. If you are talking to someone or a person is talking in close contact to you, you may often feel the breeze that is puffed out from the person’s breath. Your face gives direction to your mouth. Removing your face from the Direction of the person you are talking to will do a lot to hide bad breath.


What you have to do if you have confirmed that you have bad breath is to turn your face to another direction while talking. Doing this, you may be noticed for trying to avoid something, but that is not the overall goal. The goal is to mask the bad breath such that the next person or people close bye may not notice the unpleasant odour from your breath.


If the person is in front of you, you can as well turn your face to slightly to an opposite direction. This allows the malodorous breath to go out in another Direction without the other person perceiving it. This method has about a 60 per cent chance of working. Why? The thing is, sometimes the method may prove abortive due to the following reasons;


  1. The odour from your breath may be keen, so no matter how you turn your face, the chances of the person noticing it may be high. All mouth odours are not the same when some are just mild, others are force and noticeable, they can travel very far to a long distance.
  2.  The amount of wind in that environment may not be tense, making it easy for bad breath to be noticeable.
  3. The place, if it is a room and is not well ventilated, no matter how much your face to an opposite direction, the odour is capable of circulating due to the stuffy nature of the environment or space.

Applying the above method, you may need to be considerate of the above points listed. Knowing how to hide bad breath while talking by simply removing your fave from the direction of the person you are talking to will help a lot.


Notwithstanding your bad breath, you still need to be courageous and avoid inferiority complex, if the person you are talking to seems to notice that you have an unpleasant odour from your breath then you have to try another method.


  • Use Your Hand To Cover Your Mouth

How To Hide Bad Breath While Talking

Trying the above step and it proves abortive, then this step is for you. Your hand can save you a lot of embarrassment, you should know how best to utilize it on how to his bad breath while talking. While having a conversation with others you can simply put your hand in front of your mouth to cover the passage of breath. This way you can stop any smelly or stinky odour from exhaling your breath.


While applying this method, you may be noticed for trying to hide bad breath, which is very normal as no one wants to be embarrassed. Why should you cover your mouth? Your mouth is the entrance to your body what goes into your body passes through the mouth. In your mouth, there are billions of bacteria according to scientific studies that are domiciled there releasing acids which are removed daily as we brush properly.


The acids, if left unremoved are capable of causing tooth decay which eventually leads to periodontitis. The acids after causing tooth decay can also cause bad breath. Bad Breath is not just a condition of the lungs, but a condition of the mouth.


This method has about a 70 per cent chance of working. With this method, you can hide bad breath while talking. The reason why this method may prove abortive or unsuccessful is due to the following reasons.


  1.  You may sometimes feel too humiliated and not composed while applying this method. The reason is that, when you are probably talking to a large number of people nearby since all eyes are on you, you may lack the composure to apply this method. Since everyone is noticing you, putting your hands in your mouth may seem pretty difficult cos then everyone gets to notice that you are covering something.
  2. Another reason why the method may be unsuccessful is that, while talking you may want to make some gestures with your hands, and the moment you let go off your hands from your mouth, you start emitting a stinky odour. Bad breath has the capacity of travelling far in the air.

Wrapping this up, ensure that your hand is on your mouth, this can go a long way in helping you hide that stinky breath while talking.


  • Drink Lots Water

How To Hide Bad Breath While Talking

Water is life, do you know that water holds a lot of solutions to some medical conditions which people face? Dehydration is actually caused minor illness. Dehydration causes bad breath or mouth odour in individuals. When an individual is dehydrated, he loses body liquids through sweating and urine.


The effect of dehydration is thirst, the mouth becomes dry and the salivary quantity is reduced. The role of the saliva in the mouth is to aid cleaning and washing. In the absence of this, oral bacterias are enhanced causing mouth odour.


To know how to hide bad breath while talking you must apply this method. If you observe that you always get dehydrated it is pertinent for you to move along with a bottle of water. The water helps keep your mouth moist whenever your saliva is dry. In the case of a conversation, as the mouth opens and closes, the saliva dries up quickly, drinking water, however, comes into play.


Water circulates to every corner of the mouth even down to the tongue to remove food particles or act as a cleaning agent in the mouth.  Using water to hide bad breath is 80 per cent successful. There is absolutely no reason why water cannot help in hiding bad breath.


  • Use Sugar-free Mint Candy or Sweets

How To Hide Bad Breath While Talking

Sugar-free mint candies or sweets have been proven to be very effective in hiding bad breath. It is one of the easiest ways to hide bad breath. “Sugar-free” means it must not contain sugar.


Generally, candies are sweet, the amount of sugar in the candy can be a problem after a long time of consumption. That is because sugar has an adverse effect on the human body. Consuming too much sugar have been known to be the cause of diabetes. Too much intake of sugar is also bad for males. It affects the male organ causing weak erection.


Added sugar is a poison, it is one of the most toxic ingredients in the western diet, it has a harmful effect on our metabolism and capable of contributing immensely to the development of numerous serious health conditions and diseases. Too much sugar promotes inflammation and diseases. To effectively mask bad breath use sugar-free mint sweets and candy. You can insert it in your mouth and by so doing, it can aid in the fight against malodorous breath giving your mouth a nice aroma.


  • Oral Spray Mint

How To Hide Bad Breath While Talking

The spray mint is also another very effective method of hiding bad breath while talking. Sometimes when am stressed out from the day’s activities and I want to have a conversation with my friends or colleagues, I simply bring out my spray mint and apply it in my mouth.


The spray mint has ingredients that can provide your mouth with a good scent and aroma which masks the offensive odour. While talking, if you notice your mouth has gone sour, all you have is use the spray mint to spray all corners of your mouth.


By doing such, you are allowing the mint yo circulate inside your mouth, behind the tongue where the bad breath often comes from.


Oral spray mints are not expensive in grocery stores. Just like oral rinses they can be found in almost all grocery stores nationwide. Though there are different brands of it you can look out for the most effective ones to use. Trust me the oral spray mint works very well.


  • Use Sugar-free Mint Gum

How To Hide Bad Breath While Talking

This is, in fact, the most effective of all the methods outlined in this article. The sugar-free mint gum stays active in the mouth for as long as it is there. When chewed, the mint circulates the mouth, controlling your breath, giving it a nice aroma.


The mint gum contains menthol a substance which is used in producing some toothpaste. The menthol has the ability to convert bad breath into fresh aromatic one.


When chewing the gum, you may seem irresponsible and childish because not everyone may like it. But the reality of this is that it keeps the saliva busy so while talking or in a long conversation, you may not feel your mouth going dry.


Popularly recognized mint gums are Orbit, Extra sugar-free peppermint and spearmint gums.


Is Mint Chewing Gum Bad For You?

No, mint chewing gum is not bad for you. They can help you in times of bad breath. They can help mask the offensive odour oozing from your breath. Chewing gums if it is the right kind, can help prevent tooth decay. It can also help the mouth produce more saliva and wash away acids that cause gingivitis and cavities when food is broken down.


What Does Mint Gum Do?

Mint gum can help you do the following in your mouth;

  • Mask bad breath

Like I explained above, mint gums can ensure that your breath stays clean when chewed. When chewing it, what you perceive is not a bad smell but the welcoming aroma of the mint gum.


  • Nausea

Chewing mint gum can help you get rid of that obnoxious feeling. Nausea is that weird feeling you sometimes have that everything around you seems irritating and makes you want to puke.chewing mint gum can help you get rid of that nauseating feeling.


  • Prevent Tooth Decay

how to hide bad breath while talking

Mint gum can help you prevent tooth decay by getting rid of the acids that result from breaking down of food substances.


  • Increase the production of saliva

how to hide bad breath while talking

Chewing mint gum can help the production of saliva in the mouth. Chewing it makes it act on the tongue releasing more saliva and helps in cases of xerostomia.


  •  Can make you feel less hungry

how to hide bad breath while talking

If you are looking for something to make you not feel hungry for a while, then mint gum is the perfect thing. When chewing it, you can go for hours without feeling hungry.


  •  Clears cough

how to hide bad breath while talking

Mint gums have been known to be a remedy for mild coughs. The menthol ingredient in the gum acts as resistant against mild coughs. That is why when you take mint gums you notice that in a short while, you cough clear out.


In Conclusion on How To Hide Bad Breath While Talking, hiding bad breath while talking is very possible when you utilize the above methods.

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