Top 10 Tips On How To Avoid Bad Breath While Kissing

Do you know that bad breath can be avoided? Yes, it can be prevented as well. Bad breath as we know it, is a condition where an individual experiences an unpleasant odour exhaling from his breath. It is a condition that is accompanied by self-isolation.
People who have bad breath often find it difficult to keep relationships and friends as well. Ideally, no one wants to be friends with a person who has a breath malodor.
If you have bad breath and you are in a relationship or maybe you just have a fling with someone and you are concerned on how to avoid bad breath while kissing, this is the perfect article for you.
 Bad breath while kissing can be very much avoided. Now the following are Top 10 tips on how to avoid bad breath while kissing;

Ensure There Is Ventilation

Top 10 Tips On How To Avoid Bad Breath While Kissing
Well Ventilated Apartments.
This is the first point in my Top 10 tips on how to avoid bad breath while kissing. As minute as it sounds, ventilation is vital. Ventilation, according to dictionary meaning is the replacement of stale or noxious air with fresh. Put simply; ventilation refers to allowing fresh air to penetrate a particular space.
When fresh air a allowed into a particular space through the windows and door, then we can say that space has ventilation or is well ventilated. For instance, if you are in a room and the air vents are not working or seem to be absent and you are finding it difficult to breathe, then we can say that the room lacks ventilation.
Kissing in a room where there’s ventilation is very important. Why? When there’s absence of ventilation in a room you tend to dehydrate. Dehydration is the loss of water from the body.
Dehydration comes through sweating mostly. Have you noticed that whenever you are sweating you find out that your saliva is dry?
Dry saliva or dry mouth is one of the reasons or cause of bad breath. The saliva is an important substance which is found in the mouth. It keeps the mouth moist and washes it continually whenever you swallow your saliva. Apart from swallowing and breaking down food substance in the mouth, the saliva helps to keep the mouth clean.
So to avoid bad breath during while kissing you should ensure that the place is highly ventilated to avoid dehydration.

Avoid Anxiety

Top 10 Tips On How To Avoid Bad Breath While Kissing
Another point in this article about Top 10 tips on how to avoid bad breath while kissing you should take into cognisance is to Avoid  Anxiety.
According to the dictionary meaning, Anxiety is an unpleasant state of uneasiness, nervousness, apprehension and obsession or concern about some uncertain events. In simple terms, Anxiety implies being uneased and nervous about a particular event.
Have you noticed that sometimes when you are nervous about something you sweat easily? Why? Stress sweat comes from nervous excitement. Usually, when something excites or scares you, your body releases stress hormones( adrenaline)which sets the heart pounding.
The reduction of sweat in the body is also known as dehydration. Like we earlier discussed, dehydration reduces the saliva in the mouth which leads to bad breath.
If you are kissing your spouse or partner and you want to avoid bad breath, try not to be nervous or anxious.
Apart from stimulating bad breath, you may make your spouse feel uncomfortable when the amount of sweat coming from your body seems uncontrollably high.

Whisper Into The Ear

Top 10 Tips On How To Avoid Bad Breath While Kissing
whispering into the ear of your partner is romantic.
Another point on here is to whisper into the ears. You can avoid bad breath while kissing by whispering in his/her ears rather than just puffing out lots of air on your spouses face when speaking.
Why? You see you may have bad breath and during the aura of the moment, you may decide to say something romantic and sexually arousing. It is nice until you say it directly to the face and your breath oozes and your partner becomes very uncomfortable and probably walks out.
Whispering into the ears would have just the done the job perfectly. This way you don’t get to puff out thons of unpleasant odour on his/her face.
If you also notice that your partner has bad breath you can opt-in for communication through whispers in the ear. That way you can avoid his/her bad breath while kissing.
Whispering is known to be a romantic action. It is known to be sexually arousing. Some people arouse their partners through whispers in the ear.
The bottom line here is, when kissing whisper into the ear of your partner rather than just talking directly to the face, it can save you the embarrassment of your partner walking away when kissing.

 Drink Lots Of Water

Top 10 Tips On How To Avoid Bad Breath While Kissing
water is life.
If you have xerostomia (dry mouth), and you are engaged in kissing your partner, avoiding bad breath is a bit possible. Xerostomia which is also known as dry mouth is a condition that is associated with the change of saliva composition and dryness of the mouth due to reduced salivary flow.
The saliva is very vital In the mouth. The role of the saliva is to clean the mouth and yo.make it moist. This way the bacteria’s that cause bad breath will not thrive in the mouth. In the absence of the saliva, then what you have is bad breath causing microorganisms and germs swarming and thriving in the mouth thus leading to bad breath.
When kissing, to keep your mouth moist, it is advisable to drink lots of water. The water supports the saliva and helps keep the mouth moist. Have you noticed that most times when you wake from sleep you sometimes perceive bad breath from your mouth, but when you drink chilled water, the unpleasant odour disappears.? That’s chilled water for you.
In summary, whenever you notice some unpleasant odour when kissing your partner, drink chilled water.

 Avoid Closing Your Mouth For Long

Top 10 Tips On How To Avoid Bad Breath While Kissing
open your mouth a little to allow air penetrate.
The mouth was not designed to be shut for long. It was designed to allow air to penetrate it. Shutting the mouth accounts for one of the reasons why most persons have bad breath.
When you close your mouth for too long, you make it impenetrable for air. When it remains that way for some minutes, it air inside becomes unpleasant for the nostrils.
The mouth was designed to release and take in air, it can be through speaking. That way, the air in the mouth is exchanged.
While kissing, do not shut your mouth for too long. You can whisper to your partner a couple of times, this is to allow the mouth exchange air.
Wrapping up on this, while kissing, ensure you do not shut your mouth for long, you may create a way for bad breath that way.

 Ensure There Is An Exchange of Saliva

Top 10 Tips On How To Avoid Bad Breath While Kissing
Another on my top 10 tips on how to avoid bad breath while kissing is to ensure that when kissing there is an exchange of saliva. Kissing is an activity which involves the exchange of saliva used to express romantic emotions.
As earlier explained, the saliva is an integral part of the mouth. which helps wash the mouth and keeps it moist.  When the mouth is dry, bacteria’s which causes bad breath to thrive more.
When the Tongue is dry, the mouth becomes sour, emitting unpleasant odour.
When kissing, ensure that the exchange of saliva is constant, it helps keep the mouth moist and fresh that way you can avoid bad breath.
Some people are often concerned that if they exchange saliva during kissing, can they contract bad breath if their partner has it. The truth is, bad breath is not contagious, why? The bacteria that cause bad breath are resident in your mouth, they are domiciled in everyone’s mouth.
They are not transferrable as some would think they are. What happens is that, if you fail to maintain rich dental hygiene, the microorganisms and germs in your mouth act on the mouth to produce bad breath.
Summarily, when kissing ensure you exchange saliva, that way you can avoid bad breath.

Take A Sip Of Wine

Top 10 Tips On How To Avoid Bad Breath While Kissing
just a sip will do the trick.
If you have performed the above tasks and it seems to be no avail, then you should try a sip of wine. The wine must not be soft, it can be alcohol.
Wine is a beverage that is made from the fermentation of juice fruits and vegetables. Wines are not just alcohols. There are fruits wine also.
When kissing if you begin to notice that your mouth is becoming dry, you can take a sip of wine to soothe your mouth and make it moist and wet. This way you can avoid bad breath while kissing.
Also if you want to communicate with your partner when kissing and you notice that you have bad breath, taking a sip of wine however comes into play.
Most wine especially the alcoholic ones are made with ingredients that give it a good aroma. That’s why when you drink some types of wine your breath is held by sweet scent it produces.
With that scent flowing in your .mouth you can communicate or whisper romantically to your partner without the person perceiving any malodorous smell.
The upshot of this is that you can take a sip of wine to soothe your mouth when it is dry and when you notice that it has started becoming malodorous.

Use Mouth Spray

Top 10 Tips On How To Avoid Bad Breath While Kissing
Mouth sprays or oral sprays can come in handy. Oral sprays are a fine, gentle, dispersed mist of liquid that is used to give the mouth a good aroma. The aroma from the oral spray Can repel any malodorous mouth.
When having a romantic time with your partner, you can use a mouth spray when you notice that your mouth has suddenly gone dry and sour. This way, you can avoid any unpleasant odour coming from your mouth or that of your partner’s.
Apart from that, the oral spray gives you a fresh breath due to the mint that is contained in it.  With that, you can talk directly at the face of your partner without fear of bad breath.
Oral sprays are not only used in romance, people who are having long conversations often use it to keep their breath fresh.
Wrapping up on this, if you are having bad breath, then you should have an Oral spray with you at all times. It can come in handy.

Use Sugar-free Mint Candy

Top 10 Tips On How To Avoid Bad Breath While Kissing
Apart from using an oral spray to mask your unpleasant breath odour while kissing, here’s another thing you can use to avoid bad breath while kissing ‘Sugar-free mint candy’.
Mint is a flavoured candy often eaten to sweeten the smell of breath. The smell of your breath matters a lot when it comes to relationships. Some people have had a broken relationship because they have a never-ending stinky breath.
How you manage your breath when it stinks is important. A lot of persons have bad breath, but it is unnoticeable because they take the necessary precautions to cover it. One of such precautions is sugar-free mint candy.
It is called sugar free because it contains little or no sugar. Why? If it contains sugar, and it is consumed daily it can have an effect on the mouth such as periodontitis.
When kissing your partner, if you want to avoid bad breath, simply take in a mint candy and you will never perceive any offensive odour until the sweet wears off.

Use Sugar-free Mint Gum

Top 10 Tips On How To Avoid Bad Breath While Kissing
Just like the mint candy, the mint gum works in the same way. But the difference is that you will have to chew the gum, while that of the candy, all you have to do is insert it in your mouth.
The sugar-free mint gum contains menthol. Menthol is used in pharmaceutical preparation as an antitussive and antipruritic agent, and nasal decongestant.
Menthol can kill repel any sort of unwanted and offensive odour in the mouth. This is why it is used as an ingredient in producing mint gums.
When kissing your partner, and you want to avoid any offensive odour from either your mouth or theirs, it is, however, proper to take just one mint gum. One is enough to do the trick.
In conclusion on how to avoid bad breath while kissing, follow these methods and your romantic escapade will not end in shambles.

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