Does Smoking Marijuana Cause Halitosis?

I still can’t figure out what can be worse than having halitosis. An offensive odour oozing from your breath or mouth. how embarrassing it can be for you to experience such. It is normal that at some point in life everyone has to question the neatness of their breath.

Generally, a kind of smoking causes halitosis. In the case of marijuana is not exempted. Smoking marijuana has lots of side effects unbeknownst to its consumers. Can it give you bad breath, if so, how can you put a stop to the smelly breath?

Does Smoking Marijuana Cause Halitosis? Yes, smoking marijuana causes halitosis. How? As I earlier pointed out, smoking generally has side effects in your mouth. Habitual smokers of marijuana suffer from what is called xerostomia.

Xerostomia is an oral malady that involves drying of the mouth. also known as dry mouth, it is associated with the compositional change of the saliva or reduced salivary flow.

Reduced salivary flow in the mouth is what causes halitosis in individuals. When the mouth loses its number one cleaning agent which is the saliva, in a large quantity, acids released by oral bacteria thrive more causing halitosis and other oral health problems.

This is why you have a lot of smokers of marijuana whose breath stinks bad, even if they do not smoke in a day, the oral malady (xerostomia) is still present which will make their breath emit an unpleasant odour

This illness is very common and it is seen as a side effect of dehydration, smoking and drug medication. It is common with adults mostly because they consume more drug medications and smoke a lot. Those who breathe through their mouths are not exempted.

Apart from causing halitosis, smoking marijuana also causes tooth decay. Due to dry mouth, the oral tissues lose their ability to lubricate and wash out the acids secreted by oral bacteria. The acids thrive and seep into the enamel and teeth resulting in tooth decay, an abscessed tooth, cavities and plaque buildup around the teeth.

‘if left untreated for a long time it may progress into something more dangerous and discomforting, which is periodontal disease. When it reaches this point, then you begin to experience jawbone damage which is harrowing and discomforting.

Periodontal disease is also known as gum diseases. It is a set of inflammatory conditions affecting tissues around the teeth. At the early stage, it is called gingivitis known as swollen and red gums. In a serious form, it is regarded as periodontitis.

The gums holding the teeth may pull out and the teeth may begin to scatter off. The bone can be lost and this can lead to bad breath.

Periodontal disease is often due to oral bacteria affecting the tissues that surround the teeth. A good factor that augments the risks of having periodontitis is smoking. 

Apart from dry mouth, smoking marijuana also causes tonsil stones in the mouth. They are Tiny stones like pearls inside the mouth that causes bad breath.

So about the topic which is “does smoking marijuana cause halitosis?” it is very possible as the chances are high. Now let’s delve into something else you should know about weed breath.

How To Get Rid Of Weed breath

Weed breath caused by marijuana smoking can be cured. Discard any information that says it is impossible to cure. The main thing you need to know about oral cures is that it is mostly dependent on the individual. To Get rid of weed breath caused by smoking marijuana, you will have to do the following;

  1. Brush properly

does smoking marijuana cause halitosis?

Good oral hygiene matters a lot. How you take care of your health is seen and noticed by the people around you. If you do not put the right principles, and the stipulated rules, then there will be a problem.

Good oral hygiene involves doing what you should make the mouth clean and problem-free. The first thing that comes to mind about practising good oral hygiene is brushing your teeth.

There are stipulated methods of brushing your teeth. The most popular one is brushing in an up and down style. This way, you will be able to get rid of particles in the teeth. Rather than brushing them anyhow you want and end up scattering the debris around the mouth.

After doing that, some persons think they have gotten rid of the specks of dirt whereas some still linger in the mouth. when brushing, join the teeth together and brush by moving the toothbrush up and down the teeth.

  1. Brush for at least 2-3 minutes

Sounds funny right? But it’s the truth. Hygienist and periodontist have advised that while brushing, spend time at least two to three minutes brushing all side of the teeth.

This will help a great deal. It will help get rid of the acids in the mouth that cause bad breath. It will also help to reduce the number of harmful bacteria in the mouth that causes oral infections.

Spending more time to brush properly is helps a great deal.

  1. After brushing do not rinse

does smoking marijuana cause halitosis?

After brushing, dentists have also advised that you should not rinse after brushing. Reasons being that rinsing out the toothpaste from your mouth after brushing removes the ingredients that can help you get rid of bad breath, oral infections and health problems.

Fluoride is an important ingredient in your toothpaste. All toothpaste contains it, even the water you drink contains fluoride. It helps keep the teeth and gum strong and healthy. Fluoride keeps your mouth free from tooth decay.

Rinsing your mouth after brushing, you unknowingly remove the nutrients in the toothpaste from your mouth. no wonder a lot of persons still has oral health problems.

Staying free from oral health problems is putting this to work, I assure you it works.

  1. Brush at least twice a day

This one thing virtually everyone fails at. For some, it’s a habit already so they can’t skip it even for a day. Brushing twice a day, especially before bedtime is a sure way to getting rid of weed breath caused by smoking marijuana.

Brushing at night before bed helps to remove debris from the mouth that has been accumulated during the day. If you are having morning breath that smells unpleasant, one of the reasons that prompt it is your inability to brush before bedtime.

That is why communicating with your partner in the morning seems difficult as you would not like to utter a word due to the foul stench oozing from your breath.

Stopping is not difficult, the major remedy lies in brushing in the evening. You need to realize that brushing in the morning alone cannot put a stop to weed breath. You will have to pay close attention to other details regarding improving your oral health.

Improve your oral health by brushing at least twice a day.

  1. Gargle Antiseptic Mouthwash

does smoking marijuana cause halitosis?

Gargling antiseptic is a sure way to fixing weed breath caused by smoking marijuana. Therapeutic mouthwash is effective than the cosmetic mouthwash found in grocery stores.

They contain antimicrobial ingredients that can help repel weed breath and harmful bacteria that cause oral health issues. You can gargle a portion of an antiseptic mouthwash daily most appropriate in the evening after a meal without brushing.

After brushing, there is no need for gargling a mouthwash.  Most persons are used to this. After brushing, they also gargle a portion of mouthwash, by doing this, you alter the oral ph.

By doing that you make the mouth acidic and it causes sour mouth easily. It may also dry the oral tissues and it results in bad breath.

  1. Take Probiotic

does smoking marijuana cause halitosis?

Probiotics such as yoghurt are good for weed breath. They contain live bacteria and are made from fermentation. Consuming sugar-free yoghurt can help put a stop to your smelly breath.

Consuming the yoghurt may not be daily, but it can be on a specific amount within a week.

  1. Quit Smoking Marijuana

does smoking marijuana cause halitosis?

This may sound too difficult mostly when you’re a habitual smoker of marijuana. Marijuana has a defect on your oral tissue like I earlier explained. The first step to stopping weed breath caused by marijuana is to abstain from smoking marijuana.

Apart from stopping bad breath, smoking marijuana has other effects on your oral health such as tooth decay, brownish teeth and periodontal diseases.

  1. Drink Lots Of Water When Your Mouth Is Dry

does smoking marijuana cause halitosis?

The effect of smoking marijuana is that it dries your oral tissue. Fixing bad breath, therefore, implies lubricating the mouth whenever there is reduced salivary flow. Which other better way to do so than to drink water when you notice your mouth us dry.

By drinking enough water, you enable salivary production in the mouth and help to keep the mouth odour free.

  1. Use Oral Spray

does smoking marijuana cause halitosis?

Using oral spray helps to mask the bad breath. It helps to hide it so that it is unnoticeable. Oral sprays contain mint, which is what hides bad breath.

  1. Chew Sugar-Free Mint Gum

does smoking marijuana cause halitosis?

Chewing sugarfree mint gum is your one sure way of fixing bad breath caused by smoking marijuana. No wonder lots of smokers move around with mint gum. The gum helps to keep their breath fresh.

History Of Marijuana

does smoking marijuana cause halitosis?

The history of marijuana and its usage dates back to ages, precisely the millennium BC. For millennia the plant has been used for food, medicine, religious and recreational use. In religion, it was used based on its psychoactive properties.

The earliest restrictions on the plant were in the 14th century by the Islamic. In the 19th century, due to racial and class stress, it was restricted in colonial countries.

The plant is indigenous to central Asia and Indian subcontinent. It is believed that it was one of the first plants to be cultivated.

Marijuana has been cultivated in countries like japan since the pre-Neolithic period for its fibres and as a food source. In Japan, it is also cultivated for its psychoactive materials and not just for food.

From about 700BC an archaeological site in Oki islands close to japan contained cannabis achenes, signifying the vital use of the plant. The use of Hemp use dates back to the Neolithic Age in China, with the imprints found in the pottery of Yangshao culture dating to 5th millennium BC.

Even the Chinese used it for the production of ropes, clothes, shoes and early forms of paper. Proving the importance of the plant.

The plant was so important that the Koreans with the samples of hempen fabric discovered dating back to early 3000BC.

Cannabis is also known to the ancient Assyrians that discovered the psychoactive property of the plant through the Aryans. Using it in some religious ritual ceremonies, they called it the Qunubu meaning “way to provoke smoke”.

The plant was also burned to induce trance by the Scythians, Thracians and Dacians which was introduced to them by the Aryans.

The classical Greek Herodotus reported that the inhabitants of Scythia often inhaled the vapours of Hemp-seeds smoke used both for ritual ceremonies and for pleasurable recreation.

Cannabis has an ancient history of ritual use and is found in pharmacological cults around the world. The seed was discovered by archaeologists at Pazyryk. This suggests early ceremonial practices like eating by the Scythians which occurred in 5th to 2nd century BC, confirming previous historical reports by Herodotus.

Still on Does Smoking Marijuana Cause Halitosis? Let’s take a look at the global spread of marijuana.

Global Spread of Marijuana

The turn of the millennium, the use of hashish cannabis resin began to spill into the Arabian world through the Persian world.

Allegedly in the 1230 CE, during the reign of Al-Mustansir Bi’llah, by the entourage of Bahraini rulers visiting Iraq.

In Egypt, it was introduced by mystic Islamic travellers from Syria during the Ayyubid Dynasty around the 12th century CE.

Hashish consumption by the Egyptian Sufis has been documented as current in the 13th century CE, and a unique type of cannabis referred to as Indian hemp was also documented at that period.

It did not even become common in the world until the introduction of tobacco, so up until the 1500s, hashish in the Muslim world was consumed as an edible.

In Africa, it is believed to have been brought by the Indian or early Arabian travellers, which the Bantu settlers introduced to southern Africa when they migrated southwards.

In Ethiopia, there were found uncovered smoking pipes that date back to 1320 CE that had traces of cannabis.

Even before the coming of the Europeans in cape in 1652, the indigenous south Africans, the Khoisan and Bantu already used the cannabis.

Would legalizing drugs reduce crime?

Well, to some extent Yes. Studies have shown that is a decline in the rate of violent crimes in states that have legalized drugs. Most of the countries share boundaries with Mexico and the majority of the drugs are smuggled in from there to the country.

Legalizing drugs as some drugs advocate posited, will drastically reduce the number of violent crimes in the States. To them, the reason for crime increase which is related to drug abuse is due to the ban on drugs.

If there is free use of drugs, crime will be a thing of the past.

Why Should drugs be legalized?

The following are the reasons why drug advocates push for the legalization of drugs.

  •  Economic boom

They believe that if drugs are legalized, it will help in the growth of the economy. Countries will be able to export and import drugs for people’s consumption. There will be large patronage, causing a global economic boom.

  • Fewer crimes

The increase in crime rate will be reduced due to the legalization of drugs. Most of the persons in jail in countries are as a result of the possession of hard drugs.

  • Drug abuse

They believe that the reason for drug abuse is due to the ban on hard drugs. If the ban is lifted, the rate of drug abuse may probably decrease.

  • Public entrepreneurship

They articulate that lifting the ban on hard drugs, will create a means of livelihood for people who are unemployed due to the high demand for drugs.

  • Fewer suicides

Due to the emotional breakdown, many persons are prone to suicide. Due to the psychoactive chemical contained in drugs that have the ability to null the senses, emotionally disturbed people can utilize the drugs for their own good.

Should Marijuana be legalized as a form of medicine?

Marijuana contains psychoactive substances that are bad for health. A psychoactive substance is a chemical that affects the mind and emotions. Legalizing marijuana as a form of medicine is not good.

Though the plant is medicinal, it may open more door for the legalizing of other hard drugs. Imagine legalizing cocaine, the damage it will do on the streets will be catastrophic.

The reason why our streets are a little bit safer is that there happen to be some restrictions on this plant. The united states Food and Drugs Agency is yet to legalize the drug for medical use.

A quick recap on “Does Smoking Marijuana Cause Halitosis?”

Smoking marijuana is bad for your oral health. It leads to halitosis. Getting rid of weed breath involves the following;

  1. Quitting smoking,
  2. Taking your oral maintenance serious
  3. Taking probiotics
  4. Drinking lots of water when your mouth is dry
  5. Using oral spray
  6. Chewing sugar-free mint gum.

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