Can Mouthwash Make Bad Breath Worse?


Mouthwashes are important substances that help keep the mouth clean and bacteria-free. They can be a substitute for toothpaste and brushes at certain times of the day.

There are various kinds of mouthwashes. There is therapeutic and cosmetic mouthwash. The therapeutic mouthwash is the kind that contains ingredients that can help maintain good oral health like peroxide, humectants and fluoride.which helps repel bacteria(harmful), helps the mouth stay moist when brushing and develop strong teeth and enamel.

Can mouthwash make bad breath worse? Yes, mouthwash can make your bad breath worse. It all depends on the kind of mouthwash you use. Alcohol-based oral rinse can make your bad breath worse over time.

When you apply it consistently for a long time, it drys your tongue and mouth, resulting in xerostomia. Dry mouth(xerostomia) is one of the reasons or causes of bad breath in some persons.

When your mouth is dry, it enhances oral bacteria which releases acids that cause bad breath. The acids, in the absence of the saliva which helps the mouth stay moist and lubricated, can spread rapidly causes oral cavity and periodontal diseases.

Periodontal diseases can be harrowing and discomforting. Periodontal diseases such as jawbone damage and tooth loss can cause further complications that lead to bad breath.

Still, on Can mouthwash make bad breath worse? Below are some of the reasons why the mouth you use can make your bad breath worse;

  • The Mouthwash contains alcohol

Can Mouthwash Make Bad Breath Worse?

If the mouthwash contains some amount of alcohol then it is likely to make your bad breath worse. Alcohol-based mouthwashes are unsuitable for people whose mouth are easily irritated or whose oral pH is unbalanced.

If your mouth is easily irritated by harsh mouthwashes then you should probably abstain from alcohol-based oral rinses, they tend to make your mouth burn temporarily from their harshness.

These mouth rinses are harsh and very unsuitable for individuals with bad breath. It may only soothe a sore throat and oral sores. It contains antimicrobial ingredients that can help repel bacteria that causes sore throat, oral sore and other oral damage. Are you still confused about “Can Mouthwash Make Bad Breath Worse?” Read further.

  •  Your Mouthwash is Acidic

Can Mouthwash Make Bad Breath Worse?

If your mouthwash is acidic then your bad breath is bound to get even worse. The mouth’s pH level is altered when you use acidic mouthwashes. It eventually makes your mouth sour.

This is why after using such mouthwashes, and you fail to eat, after a long while, your mouth begins to emit an unpleasant smell. This is because of your mouth’s pH level not normal.

  • Your Mouthwash Can Dry Your Mouth

Your saliva contains a host of defence factors. It can influence calculus and periodontal disease formation. Your saliva has a normal pH range of 6.2- 7.6 with 6.7 being the average pH.

The resting of your mouth does not fall below 6.3. When your salivary pH falls below the normal range of 6.2- 7.6 then you may start experiencing fry mouth more often. Dry mouth causes bad breath. Acidic mouthwash causes dry mouth.

When you apply acidic mouthwash, it kills the oral tissues, making your mouth and tongue dry and susceptible to bad breath. Acidic mouthwash can erode oral bacteria. Oral bacteria are not all harmful, there are those responsible for maintaining the pH level of the mouth.

When those bacteria are eroded, the effect it has on the mouth is increased acidity level in the mouth.

What Is Mouth Acidity?

Oral Acidity is known as the pH levels of your mouth. If the pH in your mouth is lower than 6 it means the fluids in your mouth is acidic, while the pH higher than 7 means they are basic. A lot of oral health issues begins with acidity. it therefore important to maintain a balanced oral pH level knowing that acidic food consumption alters the pH level of your mouth and kills the oral bacteria putting the mouth at risk.

Causes of Oral Acidity

 Acidic Foods

Acidic foods are bad for your oral pH and van cause mouth odour and periodontal diseases over time. The following are acidic foods you should limit consumption on;

  1.  Grains: Grains are the small, hard, dry seed that is harvested for both human and animal consumption. There are two types of commercial grains crops; cereals and legumes. Grains are more durable than staple foods like cassava, potatoes, plantains etc. Grains such as oats, grains, coffee, wild rice can be regarded as acidic grains.
  2.  Sugar: Another food that can be regarded as acidic is suga.r  sugar is regarded as highly acidic food. Sweeteners also are not exempted. They are linked to being the cause of many health problems in humans. Acid sugar is bad for health and should be avoided if not limited. The bacteria in the mouth break down sugary foods and releases acids that are capable of causing oral health problems.
  3. Processed Foods; Processed Foods are those that are not prepared through the conventional mode of cooking, which can last longer than the ordinary foods we prepare in the kitchen. They contain too much sugar which is very bad for your health not just that your oral health. They contain sodium also. Sodium is a mineral that occurs naturally in foods or is added during manufacturing. The largest source of dietary sodium may come from sodium chloride or table salt. Though its consumption increases the retention of water in the body, yet it is also acidic and mostly unsuitable for oral health. Processed foods also contain fat. Too much fat in foods or too much of the wrong fat can be unhealthy for you. Fat comes in various forms in our foods. They are saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Foods that contain fat are meat, fish, butter oil and dairy products.
  4. Sodas and beverages: No doubt sodas and sweetened beverages contain a high amount of sugar which is acidic. If you want to live healthy, stay away from sodas and added sugary drinks. They shorten your life span. Diseases such as diabetes and. Cancer often results from the excess acids contained in sodas. They can also affect your mouth. The sugar contained in the sodas when broken down by oral bacteria releases acids that cause oral health problems. Beverages like coffee are also bad for your mouth. It dries the oral tissues resulting in xerostomia which causes bad breath in people, due to much consumption.
  5. Processed Meat and Turkey: Processed meats such as corned beads are also acidic and are capable of altering your mouth’s pH level. Though they may be unnoticed due to ignorance. This is why it is important to read blog articles concerning your health, so you can stay healthy by avoiding some kinds of foods.

Not just processed meats, fresh meats also are not good for your body. After consuming portions of beef, it is expedient that you brush and floss properly to get rid of meat particles that may be hanging in between the teeth, so as not yo decay and cause bad breath or make it worse.

What are the symptoms of Excess Acidity in the body

  1.  Gastritis: Pathologically, Gastritis is the inflammation of the lining of the stomach, usually characterized by nausea, loss of appetite and upper abdominal discomfort or pain.
  2.  Arthritis or a joint Pain: is an inflammation of the joints of the body causing pain and disability, swelling and stiffness due to various reasons, one could be trauma, infection, metabolic disorder and body changes. Joint pains result from arthritis, it can be narrowing.
  3.  Neuritis: It is the inflammation of one or more nerves in the body. For example, optic neuritis( or Retrobulbar neuritis) is referred to as an inflammation of the optic nerve that can cause a complete or partial loss of vision. So when a particular nerve is inflamed due to excess Acidity in the body, it can lead to impairment in the function of the nerve.
  4.  Indigestion: Indigestion is a condition that is characterized by heartburn nausea etc most may be caused by eating too quickly.
  5.  Dry Skin and hair and weak nails: Dry skin and hair often result due to excess body Acidity. When the acid level in your body is imbalanced, it can lead to perpetual dryness of the upper layer of your skin. It can also result in weak nails, your nails begin to break easily. Check here for long nail growth.
  6. Headache: it is regarded as a nuisance or unpleasant problem of ache in the head. In some cases, it can be migraine, a severe headache that affects only one side of your head. Sometimes accompanied by visual disturbance, photophobia, nausea and vomiting.

Photophobia is excessive sensitivity to light and the aversion to bright light. Put shortly, it is the Fear of light.

Wrapping up on Can mouthwash make bad breath worse? If your mouthwash is acidic, and alcohol-based then it can make your bad breath worse.


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