Can Bad Breath Be Cured?

A lot of persons are concerned when it comes to whether or not bad breath can be cured. The reason may be due to the offensive odour that exudes their breath. But bad breath may not be like other maladies.

Bad breath is more common than other maladies. Studies have shown that it affects at least 1 in every 4 persons in the world population. Sometimes it may be due to what they consume, others are hereditary and genetical.

Studies have proven that offsprings can inherit the shape of the tongue, size of teeth, in general, the oral structure from their parents. Given this fact, it is, however, possible for the inheritance of bad breath.

What most persons feel is that bad breath is incurable, probably because they have tried a couple of remedies which proved abortive.

Can Bad Breath Be Cured? Bad breath may be difficult to cure for some persons but in all, it is very possible to eradicate. It mostly depends on your resilience to eradicate it. Though after eradicating it, you may still perceive a little, that doesn’t mean you have halitosis.

I have compiled 10 reasons why bad breath can be a cure. Some of the reasons may seem unreasonable, but as an oral hygienist, I have carefully studied each of them so I can boldly teach you on why bad breath can be cured.

The following are 10 reasons why bad breath can be cured. They are;

  • Bad Breath Can Be Cured If You Brush Properly

Bad breath can be cured if you learn to brush properly. Brushing properly is the first step to curing bad breath. When you learn to brush well you can easily get rid of bad breath.

Why should I brush properly?

There are some reasons why you ought to brush properly. They are;

  1. Proper brushing helps to remove debris and food particles that can cause bad breath when they are stale. After eating, there are lots of food particles that linger around the teeth which cannot be removed by merely drinking water. Brushing them out is the best way to get rid of the particles.
  2. Proper brushing also helps you to prevent gingivitis. Gum inflammation which is also called gingivitis can be prevented by brushing properly. The food particles that in your mouth can decay and lead to gum inflammation
  3. Proper brushing can also help prevent periodontal diseases. Periodontal diseases are not what you want to experience, it can be very painful.
  4. It can help prevent tongue coating.

Proper brushing also implies brushing the tongue. When brushing, if you exclude your tongue then brushing has not been achieved. That’s where the odour resides in some people’s mouth.

That is where the majority of the dirty particles that causes bad breath hides; inside the tongue. It is preferable to use a tongue scraper to brush out specks of dirt.

While brushing your tongue you should apply caution. An injury on the tongue is harrowing. This can make eating very uncomfortable for you. Due to that, you may not even be able to brush for a while, causing further complications to bad breath.

When you taking consistent and proper brushing serious then you won’t need to ask questions like, Can Bad Breath Be Cured?

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  • It Can Be Cured If You Use A Prescribed Toothpaste

Don’t just buy toothpaste because you like the colour and it probably smells nice and maybe it is affordable. The criteria for choosing a toothpaste is not its affordability.

Looking out for a good toothpaste involves checking more than the beautiful container and nice scent. There are questions you need to ask. Questions like “is the toothpaste prescribed?”, “is the toothpaste expired?”

Selecting a good toothpaste, you need to find out if the toothpaste is approved by the dental association of your country. If it’s not then you will have to leave it. The reason is that there are ingredients that should be in toothpaste.

When it is not there, using it may not cure your oral malodor. So when buying a toothpaste lookout for those that contain fluoride, peroxide, humectant etc.

Using a prescribed toothpaste is very important.

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  • Oral Infections Can Be Removed by Antiseptic Mouthwash

Another reason why bad breath can be cured is that oral infections can be removed by gargling antiseptic mouthwash. Oral infections affect a lot of persons in the world’s population.

They can be very difficult to cure mostly when you are just applying toothpaste and brushing. A good way to cure bad breath which may come from oral infections such as abscess tooth, canker sores and bleeding gums and tonsil stones is to gargle an antiseptic mouthwash.

Mouthwash contains antimicrobial ingredients that can help fight against harmful bacteria in the mouth. these bacteria are responsible for the oral health problems people face.

To get rid of the oral bacteria, you will have gargle a portion of oral rinse daily. Oral infections like canker sores can be cured by gargling antiseptic mouth rinses. Oral sores can be very irritating, they may even make eating and brushing difficult, thereby complicating oral hygiene.

A portion of mouthwash will help get rid of the bacteria causing it and return your mouth to normal. Cases of the sore throat have also been cured by gargling antiseptic mouth rinses.

When gargling, spend at least 40 seconds swishing it to every corner of the mouth including inside the tongue.

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  • If You Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is another way of curing bad breath. Dehydration is one of the reasons why most persons develop never-ending stinky breath.

If you go close to them, you will always perceive an offensive odour from their breath. The reason is that dehydration causes dry mouth and dry mouth causes bad breath.

When your mouth is dry, oral bacteria thrive more causing a terrible odour from your breath. Staying hydrated at all times is very important.

That way you keep your breath fresh and free your mouth from oral health problems. The best way to keep yourself hydrated is by drinking water.

If you notice that your mouth is always dry and your salivary flow is in minimal quantity, the solution is to consume lots of water which will help boost your saliva production.

The saliva lubricates the mouth keeping it free irritating odour. It also prevents an increase in oral health problems. When your saliva is inconsistent production you need not, Can Bad Breath Be Cured?

  • You Have To Boost Your Immune System

The human immune system is a host defence system which comprises of many biological structures and process within an organism that protects against diseases.

For an immune system to function properly, it must detect a wide variety of agents known as pathogens from viruses to worms and distinguish them from the organism’s health issue.

Boosting your immune system is one of the ways by which bad breath can be cured. Some people’s immune system is weak, hence they fall sick often.

A strong immune system can help prevent a lot of diseases which affect others. oral problems are not exempted. They can be prevented if you can boost your weak immune system.

Boosting your immune system can be done by eating lots of fruits. Fruits like cucumber, broccoli, apples, watermelon, vegetables etc.

  • Avoiding Certain Foods

Bad breath can be cured if you learn to avoid certain foods. What you eat, contributes about 50 percent of the health issues you have. Some foods shouldn’t be taken in a large quantity.

To avoid health problems, you need to stay clear from certain foods. Food with high carbohydrate is unsuitable for people with diabetes. Also, those that contain cholesterol are unsuitable for aged people.

Foods like cabbage and garlic are not good for large consumption. Garlic is not good to eat due to the bad odour it has. It can sync with your body such that it exudes from your sweat.

Garlic has a bad odour that can make others avoid you. You cant trying to cure bad breath and still consume garlic, it’s an anomaly.

The best you can do is to abstain from garlic for a while.

  • If You Decide To Quit Smoking

Bad breath affects some persons due to a habit which they possess. That habit is smoking. Smoking has a bad effect on your mouth. it dries your oral tissue.

When your oral tissues are dried, bad breath is inevitable. That is when you go close to a habitual smoker, his breath always stinks.

Aside from drying the mouth, the breath from the cigarette is also irritating to some persons. Not everyone like it. Mostly, If you’re a keen smoker, you may be avoided a lot by people who don’t.

  • If You Decide To Quit Booze

If you decide to quit booze, bad breath can be cured for you. Alcohol has the same effect in your mouth as smoking has. It causes dry mouth.

Aside from that, the annoying odour that oozes from the breath from an alcoholic is a challenge for nonalcoholic. It can make people avoid you.

  • Bad Breath Can Be Stopped When You Quit Closing Your Mouth For Long

This is one major problem lots of people have that they have failed to recognize. Closing your mouth is not good. Bad breath thrives when the mouth lacks ventilation.

Have you noticed that when you close your mouth for too long, it starts emitting an offensive odour? That’s because the mouth needs air. Air should penetrate your mouth often.

Wrapping up on “can bad breath be cured?”

Bad breath is not like other health problems like diabetes, HIV and cancer that cannot be cured. Eradicating bad breath depends on how well you take your oral hygiene seriously.

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