20 Causes Of Bad Breath You Should Know About.

Bad breath has several causes you should know about. There are surprisingly some things that cause bad breath that will interest you. All over the world, there are many causes of bad breath that has inflicted people. But I will be exposing 20 popular ones to you today.

  1. Certain Foods.

20 causes of bad breath you should know about.

Scientists have proven that the foods we eat are the major causes of maladies many people go through. The kinds of food you consume will either make you or mar you. For example, a diabetic patient consuming a portion of food that is filling with so much carbohydrate, which is an anomaly cos the food is in contradiction to that ailment.

Also, an old man above the age of 70 consuming a lot of fries is at risk of his health due to what he consumes. The same goes for bad breath. Most individuals have developed oral malodor due to what they consume. Most people consume those foods and after that they fail to brush their teeth properly, thus leading to oral malodor.

Foods such as garlic, asparagus, onion, etc. may harm the breath when you consume too much much of it. Garlic especially irritates a lot of people, of which I am one of those. I can barely cope with the smell. I am not disputing its health benefit, it is very beneficial to health. Garlic has been proven to cure vagina infection; by inserting just a glove into the vagina every evening, the last thing before bed for 3 days. This eradicates candida, vagina odour, and vaginal discharge. Garlic is also good for those with a heart condition, diabetes and obesity.

TIPS: After eating  garlic and onions you must wash your teeth and tongue properly to eradicate any odor that results from its consumption.

  1. Alcohol Intake.

20 Causes of Bad Breath You Should Know
Alcohol during Happy hours.

Excess consumption of alcohol doesn’t prove your maturity. Excess intake of alcohol is detrimental to your health and not just to your breath. Alcohol affects the liver and the lungs and also cause diabetes. Most alcohol contains more sugar than soda. You will not know cos that beer tastes bitter.

What alcohol does to your mouth is that when you become addicted to it, the odour syncs with your breath, over time people will begin to avoid you due to the offensive odour oozing from your breath. It is important to protect your breath, cos it determines who comes around you and who doesn’t.

Alcohol also dries your saliva making your mouth susceptible to bad breath. When there is dried saliva in your mouth, the mouth loses its ability to remain moist, thus enhancing bacterias that leads to bad breath.

TIPS: Abstain completely from alcohol or rather abstain completely from excess intake of it. it has serious medical defects, not just your breath but your health in general.

  1. Diabetes.

Do you know that your breath can be used to determine your health conditions? People who suffer from diabetes ketoacidosis;  a grave medical complication diabetic patients face, whereby the body produces a high level of blood acids called ketones. This is a condition that develops when the body is unable to produce the required amount of insulin. Insulin is a major source of energy for muscles and tissues in the human body.  In the absence of the required amount of insulin in the body, the body most likely breaks down fats as fuel, acids are built up in the bloodstream called ketones eventually leading to diabetic ketoacidosis if untreated.

Ketoacidosis is an acute complication of diabetes. In this ailment, the mouth begins to produce a fruity odour. This odour smells unpleasant and offensive to most people.

Also, periodontal diseases may be another cause of bad breath for diabetic patients. Periodontal disease is a fatal gum infection which is capable of damaging the jaw of an individual. Periodontal disease is a pathological infection of the tissues that hold your teeth in place. Mostly caused by poor brushing and flossing of the teeth allowing a sticky film of bacteria to build upon the teeth. After a while, the teeth begin to rot thereby producing oral malodor.

Studies have shown that one-third of people suffering from diabetes will experience periodontal diseases.

TIPS:  Brush your teeth at least twice a day, use sugar free gum and also vist the dentist for any further complications when facing periodontal diseases.

  1. Oral Ulcer.

20 Causes Of Bad Breath You Should Know About
Mouth sores.

Oral Ulcer is a problem faced by just a handful of individuals. Oral cancer refers to sores that do not heal in the mouth, difficulty in swallowing, mouth pain, etc.

Have you ever experienced a sore in your mouth, such that it is finding it difficult to heal itself? It is called oral ulcer and it is very inconveniencing and discomforting. Most people have up to 3 to 4 oral sores which make it very difficult for them to eat or talk leaving the mouth dormant. Eating certain foods such as peppery food and hot food becomes pretty difficult due to the excruciating pain they feel.

When this happens, people who have mouth sores finds it difficult to brush their mouth, thus causing bad breath. Also, the bacterias that cause oral ulcer makes it produce an unpleasant smell. An oral ulcer is not an incurable ailment, there are ways to cure oral ulcer. Oral cancer should not be tolerated in the mouth. People who consume balanced diets hardly develop cases of oral cancer. Also, individuals who consume lots of fruits hardly have issues with oral cancer, even when there’s an injury in the mouth, within 2 days it heals out.

TIPS: If you’re currently facing or having Oral Ulcer, you can visit the dentist or take some antibiotics to help kill the bacterias. You can also take some vitamins to boost your immune system. If you are the type that has a phobia for drugs, you can take fruits such as Apple, pineapples, oranges, honey, lemon, grapes. They help boost your immune system and chase away bacterias in the body.

Here is a video on how to use fruits to boost your immune system.

  1. Postnasal Drip.

Postnasal Drip is an excess amount of mucus that tends to accumulate and drip down the back of the nose and also the throat. This happens when an individual catches a viral infection of the throat and nose.

When an individual’s nose is filled with mucus, this will make him unable to perceive anything, even his breath.

TIPS: Take drugs when you notice symptoms of common cold or a flu.

  1. Dry Mouth.

20 Causes Of Bad Breath You Should Know About

Dry mouth is one of the causes of bad breath in individuals. The mouth is not meant to be dry, this is why saliva exists. The saliva in the mouth is not just meant for breaking down food substances for easy swallowing. It is meant to keep the mouth moist and watered at all times when you begin to experience bad breath what you find is dry mouth.

When you have a dry mouth, swallowing may be difficult, very difficult that it begins to affect your throat. Dry mouth brings unpleasant odour in the mouth. the saliva helps to rinse the mouth and to weaken bacterias that cause an unpleasant odour in the mouth. we all have bacterias that cause unpleasant odour residents in our mouth, but why others experience bad breath and a couple of others do not, the reason that; for some individuals, the bacterias have been strengthened over time.

This is due to poor oral health or certain things they consume.

TIPS: There are ways you can avoid or get rid of dry mouth; one of such way is to carry a bottle of water along with you, you can drink it when you feel your mouth is dry. You can also carry a bottle of soda but not always, mostly during meeting or when in a long conversation to help your mouth stay moist.

  1. Chewing Tobacco.

20 Causes Of Bad Breath You Should Know About.

Chewing tobacco increases your chances of having bad breath, by drying up the mouth. It also affects the teeth leaving them coloured and broken thus gum diseases.

TIP: Stay away from tobacco, avoid smoking it also.

  1. Poor Oral Health.

Poor oral health is one of the reasons why most people have long term bad breath. Some feel brushing the teeth for at least twice a day is unnecessary. Such persons consume all sorts in the day and the evening they feel too tired to even rinse the mouth by gargling a portion of mouth wash that contains fluoride.

Even when you are unable to wash your teeth with a toothbrush, gargling properly may help you do the job. When you gargle, it helps remove food substances that have been there during the day which couldn’t be removed by water or your saliva. It also helps to give the mouth a good scent.

Eminently, brushing is more remarkable than gargling. When you brush properly, it helps remove bacterias and odours that resides in the mouth and between the teeth that over time tends to result in gum diseases and plaques.

But there is a method of brushing which 5o per cent of individuals are yet to imbibe. They just brushing in a zig-zag manner and feel it’s over, no wonder a lot of people experience a never-ending smelly breath.

TIPS: When brushing your teeth, you are supposed to brush for over two minutes, this makes it easy to completely expel odor-causing bacterias from the mouth. Also,  when brushing, brush in an up and down manner not zigzag.  Do not forget to brush the tongue properly, dental studies have shown that inability of individuals to brush inside the surface of the tongue is what causes most bad breath in people. After brushing ensure you rinse your mouth properly, and spit out every foamy substance in your mouth; do not swallow it.

  1. Smoking.

20 Causes Of Bad Breath You Should Know About.
Excess Smoking is bad for your breath.

Smoking has never helped anyone and sure wouldn’t help you if you are a smoker. Do you know that smokers are liable to die young?

Habitual Smoking makes you vulnerable to many other health problems. It stains the teeth which invariably affect the gum. Chain smokers always have an odious smell oozing from their mouth; always the smell of cigarettes. It deadens an individual’s sense of smell; this is why most smokers are unaware of their bad breath.

First off, smokers always experience the offensive odour from the cigarette; this is why it is difficult to stay with an inveterate smoker. Their breath is always offensive even after brushing you still perceive that odour from their breath.

Secondly, due to habitual smoking, the saliva in the mouth begins to dry. When the mouth is short of saliva it becomes an issue, cos it leads to bad breath.

TIP: if you are an habitual smoker, you can either stop smoking to rid your breath off the unpleasant odor. You can also reduce the rate at which you consume cigarette per day to also help ameliorate your situation. When you do then all the brushing and gargling will be of great help to you. But if not, solving bad breath while being an inveterate smoker is almost impossible.

  1. Drugs.

20 Causes Of Bad Breath You Should Know About.

The drugs you consume sometimes affect your body. Medical practitioners have proven that drugs have side effects. In this case, the medications you take may cause your mouth to release an unpleasant odour. How? To individuals who have certain ailments and are on constant medications, the medications affect the saliva causing it to dry off.

For individuals who are diabetic and cancerous, they often experience this due to the constant medication they are on. The drugs also work on the saliva causing it to be thick rather than soft.

TIPS: When you are on medication, ensure you consume lots of water to keep your mouth moist. Also you should carry mouth spray or chewing gum each time you notice your breath producing an unpleasant odor.


  1. Dentures.

20 Causes Of Bad Breath You Should Know About.

Most individuals who have braces in their teeth hardly believes that it may be one of the causes if not the main cause of their bad breath. Dentures are artificial teeth worn by people who do not have any teeth. They can be a piece or whole teeth. Most times the odour you perceive from your breath may result from the dentures.

This is because the dentures have the capability of fitting into the oral tissues and can be plagued by bacterias that reside in the mouth. The fact that it is artificial does not mean it cannot be dirty. Dirty dentures are one of the causes of bad breath to those with dentures. Those with dentures, ought to wash it always, to make it clean to avoid bad breath.

TIPS: If you are having bad breath with your dentures on, remove the dentures every day and wash it properly with a toothbrush. Even after removing the dentures, it is also important to gargle a portion of mouth wash. Also you must brush your tongue properly using a tongue scraper gently for the first time to avoid injuries in the tongue. Doing this helps you maintain an odorless breath even when you have your dentures on.

  1. Morning Breath.

Morning breath has caused lots of miscommunications between spouses. Many relationships have been ruined due to this health issue. Some spouses find it pretty difficult to communicate with each other in the morning due to this.

Morning breath has caused lots of individuals to develop a never-ending smelly breath. Most individuals wake up in the morning to find their breath smelling so bad, often like cabbage and poop.

The reason is not far-fetched. The reason why you experience morning breath is that you fail to brush properly at night. Brushing before bedtime is very important If you experience morning breath and you’ve not been doing this, then you should. This is because after consuming so much food during the day, particles of what remains of that food hang in the corners of the mouth, especially the teeth.

That is why it is important to brush your teeth properly before sleeping. When brushing, ensure you use the toothbrush to brush every corner of the mouth and tongue. Most especially the tongue.

TIPS: If you experience morning breath, and you want to get rid of it, you can try to apply a solution of hydrogen peroxide and brush properly. Also you can use fennel powder to brush your teeth and tongue. In the absence of the above, you can use your toothpaste and brush to clean the teeth properly. But this is not instantaneous, it may take weeks of constant application for this to happen.

  1. Pregnancy.

20 Causes Of Bad Breath You Should Know About.

Have you noticed that most pregnant women often develop bad breath? If you have stayed close to one as I had, you will notice that they often have an unpleasant odour from their breath. This is not because pregnancy causes it, but due to nausea, they experience.

One common symptom of pregnancy is nausea. The obnoxious feeling all pregnant women experience is what leads to bad breath. Why? The nauseating feeling leads to vomiting. Vomiting on its leads to bad breath for most people who are sick; cos they throw up and forget to wash their mouth.

Through vomiting they bring out already broken down food substances from the stomach, broken down by bacterias. These, however, stays in the mouth after vomiting and failing to brush the teeth and tongue, thus leading to bad breath.

Also the morning breath, pregnant women experiences often leads to bad breath.

TIPS: As a pregnant woman, when you experience the above symptoms it is important to brush the teeth and tongue for at least twice a day.


  1. Periodontitis.

20 Causes Of Bad Breath You Should Know About.

Periodontitis also refers to gum diseases, oral plaques, etc. it is a  pathological oral infection that is capable of destroying the jaw bone. People who suffer from periodontitis often experience excruciating pains in their tooth gum. So intense that it can cause them not to eat or even brush their teeth.

When they experience such, brushing becomes almost impossible, thus leading to bad breath. Some toothache can last for weeks, most are intense in the morning and the evening. During such a time, all the brushing and flossing may not help resolve the toothache, visiting the dentist may be the only solution.

Also, persistent gum diseases may lead to bad breath. If you have gum disease that has been there for a long time and it has gone untreated, the inevitable is bad breath. This is due to plaque build-up in the mouth. Plaques are an accumulation of biofilm or bacteria on the teeth. They are also sticky films that build around the teeth of an individual, causing gum diseases thus leading to toothache and jawbone damage.

TIPS: When having periodontitis, such as gum diseases, it is important to treat it on time. Not just to avoid bad breath but also to avoid toothache and jawbone damage. It can go as far as damaging the jaw bone of an individual leaving it deformed.

  1. Sore throat.

Sore throat is also another cause of bad breath most people fail to recognize. According to the English dictionary, sore throat is an inflammation of the pharynx (respiratory tract) that causes soreness. It is also a condition marked by excruciating pains in the throat. It is marked by scratchiness, dryness and sometimes irritation of the throat usually caused by viral infections or bacteria infections.

When you start having a sore throat, the smell of your breath starts changing. It starts producing an unpleasant or offensive odour that was not there prior. This is because the sore throat is caused by bacterias one of the major causes of bad breath is the buildup of bacterias in the mouth.

Also, when people suffer from a sore throat, they find it difficult to take good care of their mouth. You shouldn’t blame them because the pain they feel sometimes is very harsh and going through such is very tough. But the inability to perform good oral hygiene is majorly what leads to bad breath.

Good oral hygiene matters to maintain an odourless breath at all times. How you take care of your mouth matters a lot, if you want to have fresh breath at all times, learn to brush the right way and the right time. The right way is up and down direction while the right time is morning and night. Also while brushing, you must ensure you scrape the tongue using your toothbrush but most importantly using the tongue scraper.

TIPS: If you are having a sore throat, visit the doctor, it may be a result of viral infection or flu. The doctor will run tests and prescribe drugs for you to take. Also, you can take in lots of fruits to help you deal with sore throat.

Watch this video and get rid of your sore throat fast.

  1. Ketosis.

20 Causes Of Bad Breath You Should Know About.

Does Everyone On Ketosis Get Bad Breath?

Everyone undergoing ketogenic dieting eventually gets bad breath at some point. Probably only 10 per cent of the individuals who are on ketosis may not get to experience bad breath. As earlier written, it is a common side effect people on ketogenic dieting and Atkins dieting face.

One cannot be too careful to abstain from this or too careful to even prevent it. At some point in your ketogenic dieting, it must surface, probably when you’ve reached full ketosis.

This is caused by elevated ketone levels in your body. The major reason for experiencing this is because ketones are produced and passed to the bloodstream.

This results in the metallic taste or fruity strong odour you perceive most times from your breath.

Will The Bad Breath Go Away?

As earlier said, bad breath during keto dieting is inevitable. Often, individuals undergoing keto dieting are thrown into despondency as to whether or not the nasty breath they experience while observing ketosis will eventually go away.

The truth is that; bad breath will leave after the ketogenic dieting for individuals who do not experience bad breath prior. Individuals who do not have bad breath before embarking on ketogenic dieting are sure of getting their odourless breath back.

Those who experience bad breath before keto will have to embark on a lot of effort to ensure that they get a neat breath. This may take a lot of time and consistency to work but in the long run, it is worth it. This may take a while, probably months and weeks to happen. In this regard, you must be focused on keeping your mouth always clean and moist.

TIPS: When you are on a ketogenic diet, brush at least twice a day. You should also reduce the amount of protein intake.

  1. Dried fruits.

20 Causes Of Bad Breath You Should Know About.

Dried fruits are naturally sticky, that is, they can stick to your teeth even after drinking water. When they are stuck in your teeth and are not removed, they begin to form oral plaques and eventually lead to gum diseases.

Also, dried fruits contain sugar, bacterias love to feed on it. Consuming some dried fruits is like taking 3 to 4 teaspoons of sugar. And too much sugar causes tooth decay and gum disease. It helps to enhance bacterias in the mouth thus leading to worm in the teeth and eventually bad breath.

TIP: Avoid dry fruits, rather avoid eating them frequently. You can eat them once in a while to reduce the risk of periodontitis.

  1. Stomach Ulcer.

Stomach Ulcer is a painful sore in the stomach lining.

This occurs when the thick layer of mucus that protects the stomach from digestive juices is reduced allowing the digestive acids to eat away the tissues that line the stomach, causing an ulcer.

Stomach Ulcer is not the problem, but the bacterias which it produces is what causes bad breath. The bacteria is known as Helicobacter pylori. Helicobacter pylori are germs that are capable of invading your body and staying there for years causing sores called Ulcer in the stomach lining.

TIPS: To get rid of bad breath when having Ulcer, you have to, first of all, get rid of the ulcer. By visiting a doctor to run checks and prescribe treatment is how you get rid of stomach Ulcer.


  1. Tongue Coating.

20 Causes Of Bad Breath You Should Know About.

Do you know that a great number of bacterias reside behind your tongue and they may be the reason why even after brushing you still perceive that offensive odour from your breath? This is why most people have given up on practising oral hygiene for themselves. These bacterias are usually covered by a white coating on the tongue make them difficult to eradicate.

The Whitening of the tongue occurs when there is a buildup or coating of bacteria and debris on the surface of the tongue may be due to dryness of the mouth, illness and mild dehydration Tongue coating can also be seen with infection, irritation, or chronic inflammation of the surface of the tongue.

The bacterias hidden under the whitening is what causes your breath to smell unpleasant.

TIPS: When you are having, Tongue coating or whitish coloring on the top of your tongue you can eradicate it by using hydrogen peroxide, find out how. You can also by using a toothpaste that contains fluoride to scrape the tongue properly. Also do not forget to brush at least twice a day.

  1. Closing your Mouth.

20 Causes Of Bad Breath You Should Know About.

This is one of the major reasons why most individuals develop bad breaths. When you shut your mouth for a long while, you notice that it develops an odious smell. The continuation of this over time has increased the chances of people getting bad breath. The mouth was designed to allow air to penetrate it. So when air is not penetrating it becomes a problem. Just imagine eating a portion of spicy food and then you shut your mouth or go to bed immediately for some minutes when you open your mouth you perceive an awful odour oozing from your breath.

This is because after consuming such food, you were supposed to brush for your teeth and allow air to penetrate your mouth for a while before going to bed. If you have been gagged before then you will know that the mouth produces unpleasant odour when it is shut.

So one of the causes people fail to realize of bad breath is shutting the mouth for long.

TIPS: Don’t shut your mouth for long after eating, open it a little for some minutes to allow air penetrate into your mouth.

In Conclusion, bad breath in individuals has various causes. To get a treatment or cure for the oral malodor you have to, first of all, identify the causes of bad breath,

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