10 Ways To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus: Starting With Your Mouth.

The mouth is an important part of the body which a lot of people fail to recognize. The mouth is the entrance to the body. This is why medical practitioners advise people a lot about what to put inside the mouth. What goes into your mouth can either make you or mar you. There are several ways you can protect yourself from the recent coronavirus popularly called covid-19 by starting with your mouth. They are;

  • Drink Lots Of Hot Liquids.

Drinking lots of hot liquids such as hot tea, soups, and coffee helps keep your mouth moist and washes any of the viruses that have entered your mouth.  In addition to this, you must gargle with an Antiseptic or warm water like vinegar, salt or lemon every day.

Note; take a sip of warm water every 20 minutes to help wash out any of the virus that has entered into your stomach before it reaches your lungs.


  •  Avoid Putting Your Hands in Your Mouth.

    10 Ways To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus: Starting With Your Mouth.
    On no account should your hands come in contact with your mouth.

The virus becomes more active when it comes in contact with your body tissues. The virus can stay in your palm for as long as over 4 hours but may not be active. This is why it is advisable to avoid putting your hands in your mouth. There are lots of bacterias that reside on the palm, though not seen at one point or the other they may lead to certain illnesses when accumulated.

The virus is lethal when it comes to contact with your body tissue and what another way to gain access to your body than the mouth? For now, it is advisable to not put your finger or hands in your mouth.

  •  Avoid Putting Object in Your Mouth.

    10 Ways To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus: Starting With Your Mouth.
    Objects may have come in contact with an infected person, so abstain from putting any in your mouth.

Do you know that germ can be transmitted through certain objects? How much more viruses. Objects such as pen should not be in your mouth, the virus can be transmitted through the object. Also, most individuals have a knack for putting their cell phones in their mouths, this action is wrong and leads to you contacting the virus.

  •  Avoid Sharing Things That Comes in Contact with Your Mouth.

    10 Ways To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus: Starting With Your Mouth.
    Avoid sharing things like spoons, cups, and toothbrushes, etc.

Things like spoon should not be shared for now. Because the have contact with your mouth. This may also sound strange, sharing toothbrushes is not advisable at all, irrespective of the pandemic. Toothbrushes are sanctimonious and should be respected. It is every man to his own, sharing toothbrushes with your spouse, sibling or friend is wrong.

  •  Bringing Out Your Tongue in Public.

    10 Ways To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus: Starting With Your Mouth.
    Your tongue should stay in your mouth for the time being.

Sometimes most individuals especially the females, may tongue-out probably knowingly or unknowingly. They do this when they are either excited, in a conversation, using their phones, etc. The action is not bad but a natural gesture.

For the time being this action should be avoided. This is because coronaviruses are airborne; this means it can be transmitted through the air if the carrier is nearby. Through sneezing, coughing, etc the virus can be transmitted from persons to person. So bringing your tongue out may not be advisable as someone near may sneeze or cough into your mouth.

  •  Avoid Chewing Things That May Be Handed to You by Others.

    10 Ways To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus: Starting With Your Mouth.
    if you must chew anything do not take it from anyone.

The things we eat either makes us or mars us. Chewing things that are handed to you by either friends or family members is not right for the period. Whatever you are given to chew may be infected. It is like chewing a gum containing body fluids that are handed to you by someone who has been infected by the virus.

So you must abstain from accepting such things for the time being.

  • Use A Face Mask.

    10 Ways To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus: Starting With Your Mouth.
    Use a face mask and reduce the risk of getting infected, mostly when there is an outbreak in your city.

Using a face mask in times of epidemic is very necessary. It helps protect you from airborne viruses. When a person sneezes, coughs or talks it releases germs and when an individual is not using a face mask or a nose mask, the person becomes prone to infection.

  •  Use Hand Gloves.

    10 Ways To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus: Starting With Your Mouth.
    Ensure you always go out with your gloves to stay protected.

In times of epidemic, it is advisable to use hand gloves so as not to get infected. Hand gloves help protect your hands from getting infected. The coronavirus is very easy to contact. Studies have proven that the virus can stay on the palm of an individual for over 4 hours. Protection of your hand from the virus first starts with using hand gloves since the hands it what you use to eat.

  •  Wash Your Hands with Antiseptic Soap For Over 20 Seconds.

    10 Ways To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus: Starting With Your Mouth.
    Wash your hands with antiseptic soap for over 20 seconds.

Sounds crazy right? But the virus is said to be very stubborn such that mere washing of hands may not remove it from your hands, it is, however, important to wash the hands properly for over 20 seconds with good antiseptic soap.

  •  Use Hand Sanitizer.

    10 Ways To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus: Starting With Your Mouth.
    Sanitize your hands with hand sanitizer with over 60 percent alcohol.

it is good to use antiseptic soaps to wash your hands, but when your unable to get one it is also good to purchase hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizers are products that contain antimicrobials which are applied to the hands to reduce the risk of getting infected. They help fight against germs and bacterias that tends to invade the body through the hands.

The hand sanitizer must contain 60 percent alcohol in it to be able to effectively repel the virus. Haven known about how to protect yourself from coronavirus starting with the mouth, it is also important to know about the coronavirus.

Coronaviruses are a wide family of viruses that attacks the respiratory organs of an individual. It is also a large family of viruses that causes illness such as common cold, severe acute respiratory syndrome SARS-COV and middle east respiratory syndrome MERS-CoV.

Coronavirus can be transmitted through both human and animals. It has found that SARS was transmitted through civet cats while MERS through camels. According to the WHO, there are lots of diseases that are been transmitted by animals that are yet unnoticed.

Can I Contact Coronavirus?

Yes, contacting the virus is very possible. The virus has the potential of spreading from person to person or from animals to persons. The chances of you contracting the virus are quite high but you have to be of close contact to someone who has the virus known as COVID-19; people such as healthcare workers, household members. Also if you are within an environment where there is an outbreak of the virus, you are at risk of infection.

Symptoms Of Coronavirus

People who are infected usually have the following respiratory illness;

  • Fever
  • Cough( dry cough).
  • Shortness of breath.

Severe complications of the virus are;

  • Pneumonia in both lungs
  • Multi-organ failure
  • Possibly Death in most cases

If you are ill as a result of the virus, you should;

  • Stay at home or go to an isolation center within your city. You can also call health care numbers to make them aware.
  • Cover your coughs or sneeze with a tissue paper and dump them appropriately.
  • Clean and disinfect infected objects with bleach and other disinfectants.
  • Avoid contact with people by isolating yourself.


Put the above measures in place with utmost caution knowing that in times of epidemic, anyone and anything can be infected. Stay safe and pray to GOD to intervene in such a time as this. Do share this to your social media handles to pass on the information.

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